When to watch cycling during the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games

Two sets of cycling competitions will take place at the 2024 Paris Paralympics. Track cycling events will be held from Thursday, August 29 to Sunday, September 1. Road cycling athletes will have their chance to ride for medals from September 4th to the 7th.

Standard bicycles, handcycles, tricycles and tandem bicycles are used throughout the various competitions, each adapted to an athlete’s needs. Athletes compete across 13 classifications, depending on their impairment. 

A complete list of the competition classes as defined by the Paralympic system of classification can be found below.

Cycling Classifications
Solo (C1-C5) Athletes with prosthesis or limited movement of upper or lower limbs.
Handcycling (H1-H5) Athletes with spinal cord injuries or competing with prosthesis in one or both lower limbs.
Tricycle (T1, T2) Athletes with locomotor dysfunction and balance issues (such as cerebral palsy or hemiplegia).
Tandem (VI) Athletes who are blind or vision impaired who compete with a sighted pilot.
Cycling Events
Road Cycling Track Cycling
C1-2-3 road race (women's-men's)
C4-5 road race (women's-men's)
H1-2 road race (men's)
H1-2-3-4 road race (women's)
H3 road race (men's)
H4 road race (men's)
H5 road race (women's-men's)
T1-2 road race (women's-men's)
B road race (women's-men's)
C1-2-3 time trial (women's)
C1 time trial (men's)
C2 time trial (men's)
C3 time trial (men's)
C4 time trial (women's-men's)
C5 time trial (women's-men's)
H1 time trial (men's)
H2 time trial (men's)
H3 time trial (men's)
H4 time trial (mens)
H5 time trial (men's)
H1-2-3 time trial (women's)
H4-5 time trial (women's)
T1-2 time trial (women's-men's)
B time trial (women's-men's)
H1-5 team relay (mixed)
C1-2-3, km (men's)
C4-5, km (men's)
C1-2-3 500m (women's)
C4-5 500m (women's)
C1-2-3 pursuit (women's)
C1 pursuit (men's)
C2 pursuit (men's)
C3 pursuit (men's)
C4 pursuit (women's-men's)
C5 pursuit (women's-men's)
B, km (women's-men's)
B pursuit (women's-men's)
H1-5 team relay (mixed)


Track cycling events will be held in the French Cycling Federation’s Vélodrome National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Road cycling events will weave their way through Paris’ suburban commune of Clichy-sous-Bois in the Seine-Saint-Denis department.

Rendering of the 2024 Paris Olympics velodrome
Paris 2024

Competition Schedule

Cycling at the 2024 Paris Paralympics
Date Event Time (ET)
August 29 Track Cycling 5a-10:25a
August 30 Track Cycling 5a-11:35a
August 31 Track Cycling 5a-11:30a
September 1 Track Cycling 5a-8:15a
September 4 Road Cycling 2a-11:20a
September 5 Road Cycling 3:30a-12:05p
September 6 Road Cycling 3:30a-10:45a
September 7 Road Cycling 3:30a-11a