Event #10 - 1500m


Damian Warner is the most athletic man in Tokyo.

Warner secured Canada's first decathlon gold medal with a personal best overall score of 9018.

The world record stays with silver medalist Kevin Mayer, though Warner gave it quite the go and was rewarded with the Olympic record. 

Warner finished the 1500m in 4:31.08, the best mark of the rest of the contenders.

Australia's Ash Moloney took bronze, holding off American Garrett Scantling.

TOP 5 AFTER 1500m (10/10)

Damian Warner (CAN) - 9018

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 8726

Ash Moloney (AUS) - 8649

Garrett Scantling (USA) - 8611

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 8604

Event #9 - Javelin Throw


Damian Warner could only manage a throw of 63.44m (208 ft, 1.6 in) in the javelin, worth 790 points.

Still, the world record sits at a reachable 846 points away headed into the 10th and final event. If Warner can break 4:15 in the 1500m, the record is his. It won't be easy, as he'll have to trim nearly 10 seconds off his own personal best.

Kevin Mayer produced a tremendous throw of 73.09m — second-best overall — to vault himself suddenly into silver medal position.


Damian Warner (CAN) - 8280

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 8066

Ash Moloney (AUS) - 7964

Garrett Scantling (USA) - 7902

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 7871

AFTER 8th Event

With two events remaining in the decathlon, Canada's Damian Warner is within range of not only breaking, but smashing Kevin Mayer's decathlon world record.

Warner would need solid — though not otherwordly — performances in both the javelin throw and the 1500m to get it done.

Behind him and Australia's Ash Moloney, a tight race for bronze has materialized between Canada's Pierce LePage, American Garrett Scantling and Meyer.

Event #8 - Pole Vault


Damian Warner managed a tie for 9th-place finish in one of his weaker events with a vault of 4.90m (16 ft 0.9 in), though still good for 880 ranking points to keep on world record pace.

He needs just 1637 points combined in the final two events to break the mark. At his current rate, he'd shatter the record by over 230 points.

The top pole vault mark when to Estonia's Maicel Uibo at 5.50m. Uibo — who's wife, Shaunae Miller-Uibo, is a medal favorite in the women's 400m — has otherwise failed to impress in the Tokyo competition after wining silver at the 2019 World Championships.

American Zach Zeimek took the runner-up spot in the event at 5.30m, but it was not enough to elevate him into medal contention.


Damian Warner (CAN) - 7490

Ash Moloney (AUS) - 7269

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 7175

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 7129

Garrett Scantling (USA) - 7026

Event #7 - Discus


Damian Warner appears to have wipe away his weakness in the decathlon.

At the 2019 World Championships en route to a bronze medal, Warner managed a best throw of 42.19m, the 20th-best mark out of 21 competitors.

In Tokyo, he added a staggering 6.48m to that total for a third-ranked throw of 48.67m (158 ft 8 in). He continues to close in on both the gold medal and the world record.

In what is becoming a race for the silver medal, it's as-you-were in the rest of the top five after Mayer, LePaige, Scantling and Moloney all finished in the middle of the pack.


Damian Warner (CAN) - 6610

Ash Moloney (AUS) - 6359

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 6265

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 6157

Garrett Scantling (USA) - 6085

Event #6 - 110m hurdles


Damian Warner picked up right where he left off in Day 1, taking the top spot in the 110m hurdles and extending his overall lead over Ash Moloney to 162 points.

Warner is averaging 961.1 points per event. That pace, should he keep it up, would shatter the world record by nearly 500 points.

Warner crossed the line in 13.46, one of only two competitors to break 14 seconds in the event, for an new Olympic decathlon best. France's Kevin Mayer, the decathlon world record holder, was the other, finishing in 13.90 for 987 points.

American Garrett Scantling finished with the third-best time, becoming the latest to top the trio of U.S. decathletes as they continue to trade ranking order.

TOP 5 AFTER 110m HURDLES (6/10)

Damian Warner (CAN) - 5767

Ash Moloney (AUS) - 5605

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 5454

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 5327

Garrett Scantling (USA) - 5309

After Day 1

The battle for the title of world's greatest athlete reached its midway point Wednesday with the first five events of the decathlon.

A clear picture of contenders has emerged, and it starts with Canada's Damian Warner. He has yet to trail after a single event and in on pace for a 9000+ point performance. Kevin Mayer's world record of 9126 may even be at play.

Mayer himself made plenty of noise on the first day but injuries sustained over the past two years have clearly taken their toll on the 29-year-old Frenchman. He sits fifth overall. 

The closest challenger to Warner so far has been Aussie Ashley Moloney, who ran well in both the 100m and 400m to draw within 81 points of the Canadian.

All three Americans, Zach Ziemek, Garrett Scantling and Steven Bastien featured in the top five a points throughout the day. Currently Bastien sits highest in the fourth position but his teammates are not far behind, in sixth and seventh respectively.

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Event #5 - 400m


The top three contenders all ran in Heat 3 and stayed attached to each other's hip throughout the race.

Ashley Moloney won his first event of the competition, edging out Canadian's Peirce LePage and Damian Warner with a time of 46.29 to win the loaded heat.

However, both LePage and Warner finished within 1.2 seconds of Moloney to keep the overall standings as they were coming into the fifth event.

American Steven Bastien finished fourth behind the leaders and vaulted into a distant fourth in the overall ranking. 

TOP 5 AFTER 400m (5/10)

Damian Warner (CAN) - 4722

Ashley Moloney (AUS) - 4641

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 4529

Steven Bastein (USA) - 4369

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 4340

Event #4 - High Jump


Ashley Moloney tied the best mark of the event with a high jump of 2.11m (6 ft, 11.1 in) to reclaim second place from Pierce LePage, who was unable to clear two meters.

The leader, Damien Warner, topped out at 2.02m in a tie for eighth place but kept hold of his overall lead by 141 points.

Kevin Mayer, the world record holder, also produced a strong showing with the third-best mark at 2.08m.


Damian Warner (CAN) - 3788

Ashley Moloney (AUS) - 3647

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 3567

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 3540

Zach Ziemek (USA) - 3464

Event #3 - Shot Put


Damian Warner did enough in the shot put to maintain his big overall lead, but it was another Canadian, Pierce LePage, to get the best of the top contenders in the decathlon's first throwing event.

LePage tossed his second attempt 15.31m (50 ft, 2.9 in) for 809 points, 32 more than teammate Damian Warner, who hurled an 11th-best 14.80m in his third attempt.

The shot put was won outright by Belarusian Vitali Zhuk with a 16.23m put. Zhuk finished 16th and 21st in the 100m and Long Jump, respectively.

American Garrett Scantling mustered the second-best throw of the round to move into the top five overall.


Damian Warner (CAN) - 2966

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 2773

Ashley Moloney (AUS) - 2741

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 2662

Garrett Scantling (USA) - 2647

Event #2 - Long Jump


Damian Warner delivered a massive leap of 8.24m (27 ft, 0.4 in) — nearly a half-meter farther than any other competitor in the event — to extend his decathlon lead to 206 points through 20% of the competition.

Canadian countryman Pierce LePage followed up his third-place 100m performance with a the runner-up mark in the long jump at 7.65m. However, Australian Ashley Moloney maintained his second position overall with a jump just one centimeter shorter than LePage's.

France's Kevin Mayer, the world record holder, secured the fifth-best mark to climb up into the fourth spot overall.


Damian Warner (CAN) - 2189

Ashley Moloney (AUS) - 1983

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 1964

Kevin Mayer (FRA) - 1898

Felipe Dos Santos (BRA) - 1861

Event #1 - 100m


Canada's Damian Warner, the Rio 2016 bronze medalist and owner of the fifth-best decathlon score of all time, got off to a flying start in Tokyo with a time of 10.12 in the 100m, good enough for 1066 points and the early lead.

Warner won Heat 3, which also included the four next fastest times of the three-heat event. Australia's Ashley Moloney finished second to Warner in 10.34, worth 1013 points. No other athlete eclipsed the four-digit mark in the first of 10 events.

Kevin Mayer, the decathlon world record holder from France, finished second in Heat 1 in 10.68, ninth fastest overall. He has fought knee and Achilles injuries over the past two years which have sapped some of his explosiveness.

TOP 5 AFTER 100m (1/10)

Damian Warner (CAN) - 1066

Ashley Moloney (AUS) - 1013

Pierce LePage (CAN) - 992

Zach Ziemek (USA) - 963

Felipe Dos Santos (BRA) - 956