How is diving structured at the Olympics?

Diving at the Olympics features eight medal events. Four are individual events and four are synchronized events. They are:

  • Men's/women's 3m springboard
  • Men's/women's 10m platform
  • Men's/women's synchronized 3m springboard
  • Men's/women's synchronized 10m platform

How many rounds are there in Olympic diving?

Individual events

The individual diving events at the Olympics consist of three rounds: preliminary, semifinal and final. The preliminary round trims the field of divers to 18, which is then reduced to 12 after the semifinal round. Scores are reset after each round, and the final round alone determines medal winners.

Synchronized events

All synchronized diving events consist of only one round, a final.

How many dives are there per round in Olympic diving?

Female divers are required to perform five dives in each round, regardless of event. Male divers are required to perform six dives per round.