The diving competition at the 2024 Paris Olympics will be contested in four disciplines: individual springboard, individual platform, synchronized springboard and synchronized platform. Divers will launch off the springboard at a height of three meters above the water, while the platform dive is performed from a fixed surface positioned 10 meters above the water. The synchronized events feature teams of two divers per nation competing against other pairs.

Diving has long been a part of the Olympic program, making its debut in the 1904 St. Louis Games. Women’s diving events became part of the program in 1912 and the synchronized competition was added at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

While the U.S. was strong in this event when it first joined the Olympic program, China has dominated in recent memory, winning 27 of the last 32 gold medals dating back to the 2008 Beijing Games. Diving will take place at the 2024 Paris Olympics between July 27th - August 10th.


The diving competition will take place at the Olympics Aquatic Center. This venue, along with Le Bourget Climbing Wall, are the only permanent sports facilities set to be built for the Paris Games. The Olympics Aquatic Center is poised to host artistic swimming, water polo and diving in 2024. The Center was designed using bio-sourced materials only, making it a low-carbon facility that is committed to its energy and environmental performance.

After the Games, the venue will address the needs of Seine-Saint-Denis, its host region, and the French community as it continues to host major national and international competitions, such as the European Aquatics Championships and the World Aquatics Championships. The Aquatics Center will house a range of sports facilities after the Games, including a fitness area, climbing wall, paddle tennis courts and pitches for team sports.


There will be eight diving events in four disciplines at the 2024 Paris Olympics:

  • 3m springboard (women’s/men’s)
  • 10m platform (women’s/men’s)
  • Synchronized 3m springboard (women’s/men’s)
  • Synchronized 10m platform (women’s/men’s)
Diving at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Event Time (ET)
July 27 Women's Synchronized 3m Springboard 5a-6a
July 29 Men's Synchronized 10m Platform 5a-6a
July 31 Women's Synchronized 10m Platform 5a-6a
August 2 Men's Synchronized 3m Springboard 5a-6a
August 5 Women's 10m Platform Preliminary
Women's 10m Platform Semifinal
August 6 Men's 3m Springboard Preliminary
Women's 10m Platform Final
August 7 Men's 3m Springboard Semifinal
Women's 3m Springboard Preliminary
August 8 Women's 3m Springboard Semifinal
Men's 3m Springboard Final
August 9 Men's 10m Platform Preliminary
Women's 3m Springboard
August 10 Men's 10m Platform Semifinal
Men's 10m Platform Final