Since Rio

See which of Rio's diving stars are expected back for Tokyo, which ones have said goodbye, and which new faces to look out for.

Who's Qualified from Team USA?

Learn which divers from the United States are set to compete in Tokyo.

Competition Format

Brush up on the details of the Olympic diving competition format, from the amount of dives per round to the difference between individual and synchronized events.


Find out what the diving judges at the Tokyo Olympics will look for as they assess each dive.

Types of Dives

There are hundreds of possible dives a diver can attempt in competition, and each one has its own code and difficulty score. Learn what components make up each dive


Diving requires more than just a springboard and a pool. Shammy towels, showers and hot tubs all have a part to play.


Learn about the brand new Tokyo Aquatics Center, where the Olympic diving competition will take place.

Olympic History

From the diminutive Aileen Riggin to the indomitable Greg Louganis, experience the 117-year history of diving at the Olympic Games.


Learn to speak like a diving expert with the terms in this glossary.