Team USA Short Lists


  • Karl Cook 
  • Natalie Dean
  • Katie Dinan
  • Kent Farrington
  • Lillie Keenan
  • Laura Kraut 
  • Callie Schott 
  • Jessica Springsteen
  • Aaron Vale 
  • McLain Ward 

Athletes and horses will compete in designated CSIO/CSI observation events, with team selection taking place on July 7, 2024.




  • Katherine Bateson-Chandler 
  • Anna Buffini 
  • Adrienne Lyle 
  • Anna Marek 
  • Marcus Orlob 
  • Endel Ots 
  • Steffen Peters 

Athletes and horses will compete in a minimum of two CDIs and at least one observation event, with team selection taking place on June 25, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you qualify for Olympic equestrian?

Teams qualify primarily through specific competitions such as the World Equestrian Games and continental tournaments, while individuals qualify through rankings. As the host nation, France automatically qualified a team in each discipline.

Any country that qualified a team also received three entries in the individual competition for that discipline. Countries that did not qualify teams could earn one individual place in dressage and jumping and up to two individual places in eventing.

Did Team USA qualify for Olympic equestrian?

The United States has teams qualified for team dressage, team jumping and team eventing and has also qualified riders for individual dressage, individual jumping and individual eventing.

How many athletes qualify for Olympic equestrian?

A total of 200 athletes will compete in equestrian in Paris: 75 riders in jumping, 60 riders in dressage and 65 riders in eventing. Each team may bring a maximum of three athletes and horses (not including traveling reserves).