When to watch equestrian during the 2024 Paris Olympics

The 2024 Paris Olympics will showcase the masters of horseback riding across six events between Saturday, July 27 and Tuesday, August 6.

Equestrian Events


Few venues at the 2024 Paris Olympics will rival the magnificence seen at the home of the equestrian competition. The grounds of the historic Château de Versailles will be outfitted with a temporary outdoor arena on the Etoile Royal esplanade in the center of the Palace’s gardens.

Equestrian venue rendering at the Château de Versailles for Paris 2024 Olympics
A rendering of the Château de Versailles set up for the equestrian and modern pentathlon competitions at the Paris Olympics.
Paris 2024
Equestrian at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Event Time (ET)
July 27 Eventing Dressage Team and Individual 3:30a-12:30p
July 28 Eventing Cross Country Team and Individual  4:30a-9:30a
July 29 Eventing Jumping Team and Individual Final 5a-10:30a
July 30 Dressage Grand Prix Team and Individual Qualifier Day 1 5a-10a
July 31 Dressage Grand Prix Team and Individual Qualifier Day 2 4a-9:30a
August 1 Jumping Team Qualifier  5a-8a
August 2 Jumping Team Final 8a-10:30a
August 3 Dressage Team Grand Prix Special 4a-10:30a
August 4 Dressage Individual Grand Prix Freestyle 4a-8a
August 5 Jumping Individual Qualifier 8a-12p
August 6 Jumping Individual Final  4a-6:30a