When to watch equestrian during the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games

Equestrian events will be held from Tuesday, September 3 to Saturday, September 7 at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games. Of the three equestrian disciplines held at the Olympic Games, only dressage is contested at the Paralympics. Riders are similarly judged based on their horse’s behavior inside the competition arena and how they perform the various compulsory movements. 

Equestrian events at the Paralympics include individual championships and individual freestyle championships across five athlete classes as defined by the Paralympic system of classification. A team championship is also held.

Equestrian Classifications
Grade I Athletes have severe impairments affecting all limbs and the trunk.
Grade II Athletes have either a severe impairment of the trunk and minimal impairment of the arms or moderate impairment of the trunk, arms and legs.
Grade III Athletes have severe impairments in both legs with minimal or no impairment of the trunk or moderate impairment of the arms and legs and trunk.
Grade IV Athletes have a severe impairment or deficiency of both arms or a moderate impairment of all four limbs or short stature.
Grade V Athletes have vision impairment or complete blindness or a mildly impaired range of movement or muscle strength or a deficiency of one limb or mild deficiency of two limbs.


Few venues at the 2024 Paris Paralympics will rival the magnificence seen at the home of the equestrian competition. The grounds of the historic Château de Versailles will be outfitted with a temporary outdoor arena on the Etoile Royal esplanade in the center of the Palace’s gardens.

Equestrian venue rendering at the Château de Versailles for Paris 2024 Olympics
A rendering of the Château de Versailles set up for the equestrian and modern pentathlon competitions at the Paris Olympics.
Paris 2024


  • Individual championship grade I
  • Individual championship grade II
  • Individual championship grade III
  • Individual championship grade IV
  • Individual championship grade V
  • Team championship – Open
  • Individual freestyle championship grade I
  • Individual freestyle championship grade II
  • Individual freestyle championship grade III
  • Individual freestyle championship grade IV
  • Individual freestyle championship grade V

Competition Schedule

Equestrian at the 2024 Paris Paralympics
Date Event Time (ET)
September 3 TBA 4a-11:30a
September 4 TBA 4a-10:45a
September 6 TBA 4a-12n
September 7 TBA 4a-11:30a