The D: Slang for the shooting circle, the D-shaped area formed by the 16-yard semicircle line joining the back line.

Dangerous play: This includes a raised ball, illegal tackle, playing the ball while on the ground or any action that could result in an injury.

Drag Flick: A move used by players to take a legal lifted shot on goal during a penalty corner.

Hit: When the ball is struck using a swinging movement of the stick towards the ball.

Obstruction: When a player blocks the ball from an opponent with his or her body or stick. All players must have an equal chance to gain control of the ball as play moves down the field.

Offense: An action that goes against the rules penalized by the umpire.

Penalty Corner: Awarded to the offensive team if a foul is committed by the defensive team within the shooting circle. The ball is placed on the backline 10 meters (11 yards) from the nearest goalpost and passed by an offensive player to his/her team waiting on the outside of the shooting circle to take a shot on goal. 

Penalty Stroke: A penalty shot on goal where an attacking player is awarded one shot against only the goalie

Playing distance: The distance within which a player is capable of reaching the ball to make a play with it

Playing the ball: This is the action of stopping, deflecting or moving the ball with the stick. This also includes the action of the goalkeeper stopping, deflecting or moving the ball with the stick, kickers or leg-guards.

Push: Moving the ball along the ground using a pushing movement of the stick after the stick has been placed close to the ball. When a push is made, both the ball and the head of the stick are in contact with the ground.

Scoop: Raising the ball off the ground by placing the head of the stick under the ball and using a lifting movement

Shot on goal: The action of an attacker attempting to score by playing the ball toward the goal from within the circle

Shooting circle: A semicircle extending approximately 14.6 meters (16 yards) from each goal post. All goals must be scored from within this circle.

Tackle: An action to stop an opponent from keeping possession of the ball

Time wasting: A delay of game, including anything that prevents play from continuing in a reasonable time

Watered-down: The soaked condition of the artificial turf. Water is applied to the pitch prior to each game because wet turf holds the ball to the ground better and is considered to be a better surface for the players.