Flavor Flav has done it all. 

As a rapper and member of the iconic rap group Public Enemy, he claimed the most prestigious award in music when he won a Grammy in 2020. When he wasn't on the mic hyping up the stage, he also had a TV career, serving as a host for many of his dating reality TV shows.

But after all it all, the 65-year-old clock-wearing celebrity said it doesn’t compare to what he’s doing amid an unexpected collaboration pertaining to sports.

“I never in my life, honestly, never thought of me sponsoring a United States Olympic team,” Flavor Flav told NBC Olympics. “For me doing this, I ain’t gonna lie, to me this is one of the biggest things that I feel that I could have ever done in life, outside of the other accomplishments that I’ve made to music. By sponsoring a water polo team and helping these girls out, this is bigger than me winning a Grammy.”

It’s not entirely unusual for a rapper or celebrity to show their support in sports. Lil Wayne admitted to being a big fan of tennis and Rafael Nadal in 2010, while actor and pro wrestler Mr. T expressed his excitement about watching curling at the Winter Olympics in 2022. 

On May 4, Flavor Flav said that his manager was scrolling on social media and made him aware of a post from U.S. women’s water polo captain Maggie Steffens. In the post, Steffens expressed her excitement for the 2024 Paris Olympics, but also wrote about the struggle that many women athletes have to go through to compete at the Games.

“Many of my teammates aren’t just champions, but also teachers, business owners, coaches, physicians, assistants, and more,” the social media post reads. “Some may not know this, but most Olympians need a 2nd (or 3rd) job to support chasing the dream (myself included!) and most teams rely on sponsors for travel, accommodations, nutritional support, rent/lodging, and simply affording to live in this day and age.”

When Flavor Flav saw the post, he said he did not hesitate to reach out, knowing it was an opportunity to do something bigger than himself. 

“I got daughters and I know what it feels like to be competitive but yet not recognized for what you do,” he said. “Women’s water polo is not really a big popular sport like basketball or football, but I would love to see the sport grow because I like watching it be played. That's why I stepped in and decided to help these girls out. It’s all about giving back.”

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer said he is already in talks with USA Water Polo to discuss the financial specifics of how he’ll be sponsoring the team. USA Water Polo said the men’s and women’s teams were already funded before his pledge but still appreciate his support. This has also been echoed by Steffens. 

“Water polo is my whole world, it’s my life and it’s been a gift for me,” Steffens said. “To have a Hall of Famer like him notice us and be willing to share our story, and to empower our journey, was pretty spectacular.”

Hyping from the sidelines

Steffens can expect Flavor Flav to be the team’s official hype man in Paris this summer. Flav said he still has a lot to learn about the sport, but being able to see it being played at the highest level in person should help him out a bit.

“I wanna be their hype man while they go and win a fourth gold medal,” he said. “Your boy Flavor Flav is going to be hyping them up! You ain't gonna see me in the water but you’re gonna see me around the water. I’m better at watching than being in the water. I’m gonna try to be at as many games as I can.”

The iconic rapper added that he hopes he can also attend a few track and field, gymnastics and soccer events in Paris.

The bigger picture

Although he has been a fan of women’s sports for a while, Flav has taken notice of the recent popularity of women’s sports with the likes of Caitlin Clark and Simone Biles.

He credits his decision to help sponsor the women’s water polo team as a way to keep the ball rolling and add more attention to women’s sports. 

“What I’m doing right now, I think it’s huge and nobody else is doing it or done it,” Flavor Flav said. “Usually, I’m known to be the first to do something and everybody else follows my trends. So I’m hoping that this will be a trend that a lot of people will follow because I think it’s a really good thing. Come and step up and sponsor some of these teams. ”

Signs of that mission seem to already be coming to fruition. A few days after he announced his decision to be a sponsor, Taylor Swift surprised the women’s team with free tickets to one of her “Eras Tour” shows in Paris. 

Staying gold

The women’s team will try to keep its gold medal streak alive at the Paris Olympics after winning the previous three tournaments. Steffens said the U.S. should expect one of the toughest Olympic tournaments since 2012 amid the playing field becoming more level in recent years. 

The women will play its first game of the tournament on July 27 against Greece, one day after the Opening Ceremony. The U.S. will be in Group B during the group play stage alongside hosts France, Greece, Italy and Spain. 

As for Flavor Flav, he told NBC Olympics he has a few projects in the works.

“One of the main and biggest things that I’m getting ready to work on right now is a television show on me going back to high school to get my diploma,” he revealed. “I also got some new music I’m about to drop on you guys real soon, too. Only thing I can say is stay tuned!”