Frederick Richard is a name fans are going to want to remember heading into the 2024 Paris Olympics. The two-time world bronze medalist and three-time NCAA champion from the University of Michigan is considered to be one of the U.S. men’s best hopes for a medal in Paris. 

Through fun challenges and entertaining videos, Richard has helped bring awareness to men’s gymnastics through social media, where he has amassed nearly 1 million followers across all of his platforms. 

Get to know a little more about the rising star ahead of the Games.  

Athlete Bio

How old is Frederick Richard? 

Frederick Richard is 20-years-old and was born April 23, 2004. 

Where are Frederick Richard's parents from?

Frederick Richard mom Anne-Marie was born in Dominica and his father Carl was born in Haiti. 

How many siblings does Frederick Richard have?

Frederick Richard has three siblings: Carlton, Alexandra and Kevin.  

Is Frederick Richard in college? 

Frederick Richard is a student-athlete at the University of Michigan where he recently wrapped up his sophomore season. 

What's Frederick Richard's nickname? 

Frederick Richard is known on social media as “Frederick Flips” and has even launched his own apparel company under that name.

How many followers does Frederick Richard have on TikTok?

As of May 2024, Richard has over 650,000 followers on TikTok. 

Career highlights

How many Olympics has Frederick Richard been to?

Frederick Richard was not age-eligible to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, meaning Paris could be his first trip to an Olympic Games. 

How did Frederick Richard do at the 2023 NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Championships?

As a freshman, Frederick Richard dominated his first NCAA championships in 2023. Richard won the all-around, parallel bars and high bar titles, in addition to placing second on floor exercise, as well as with the Michigan team. 

How did Frederick Richard do at the 2023 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships?

Frederick Richard won two bronze medals at the 2023 World Championships. It was his first time competing at worlds but he lived up to the hype, helping the U.S. men get back on the world medal podium for the first time in nine years with a bronze. Richard also won a bronze medal in the all-around, making him just the fourth all-around medalist ever for the American men and the first since 2010. 

Is Frederick Richard the youngest American World all-around medalist ever?

Frederick Richard is the youngest American gymnast to win an individual world medal in the men's competition. 

Road to Paris

Where does Frederick Richard train?

Fred Richard trains at the University of Michigan, alongside world bronze medalist and Paris Olympic hopeful Paul Juda.  

What events has Frederick Richard won in 2024?

Fred Richard spent the first half of the year focused on his collegiate season with the University of Michigan. During the 2024 NCAA Championships, Richard finished second all-around, second on the rings, and second with the Michigan team. 

How did Frederick Richard perform in 2024 Paris Olympics qualifiers?

The 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials (June 27-30) is the only qualifier for the U.S. Olympic team. However, there are several competitions held throughout the year that can help bolster an athletes chances of making the team. 

The first major elite competition of the year that Fred Richard was planning to compete in was the 2024 Winter Cup, but he withdrew as a precautionary measure after dealing with some minor injuries. Richard will compete next at the 2024 Xfinity U.S. Championships (May 30 - June 2).  

In his own words

Frederick Richard on a common misconception about gymnastics

“That it takes an extreme amount of flexibility.”

Frederick Richard on his favorite workout

“Team circuits at Michigan. They are about 20 minute-long extreme workouts, but the music is blasting and it’s fun!”

Frederick Richard on his pre-competition rituals 

“I do yoga on the day of competition and I make my bed and clean my room.”

Frederick Richard on what he’s most looking forward to in Paris

“Interacting with all of the different athletes and getting support from all of America.”

Frederick Richard on his favorite food to splurge on

“An Açaí bowl or dried mangos.”

Frederick Richard on which athletes he thinks are the ‘Greatest Of All Time’

“Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Simone Biles and Michael Phelps.”

Frederick Richard on what the world should know about him

“I like pushing the boundaries and doing crazy and creative things.”