Freestyle skiing at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games will be contested Feb. 3, 5-10 and 13-19 with medals awarded in 13 events.


Big air and mixed team aerials will make their Olympic debuts in 2022, the program's newest events since the additions of slopestyle and halfpipe at the 2014 Sochi Games.

  • Women's Moguls (Feb. 3, 6)
  • Men's Moguls (Feb. 3, 5)
  • Women's Big Air (Feb. 7-8)
  • Men's Big Air (Feb. 7, 9)
  • Mixed Team Aerials (Feb. 10)
  • Women's Slopestyle (Feb. 13-14)
  • Women's Aerials (Feb.13-14)
  • Men's Slopestyle (Feb. 14-15)
  • Men's Aerials (Feb. 15-16)
  • Women's Halfpipe (Feb. 17-18)
  • Women's Ski Cross (Feb. 17)
  • Men's Halfpipe (Feb. 17, 19)
  • Men's Ski Cross (Feb. 18)


Making its Olympic debut at the 1992 Albertville Games, moguls consist of athletes skiing down a course populated by rounded bumps. Twice during the run, athletes will hit a jump, which they must execute a trick off of. While speed is a component in each athlete's score, this is not a race — it's a judged event that also evaluates each athlete's ability to ski through the moguls and execute tricks.


Making its Olympic debut at the 1994 Lillehammer Games, aerials entails skiers launching off large jumps and performing precise maneuvers while in the air. Each maneuver consists of flips – single or multiple – with or without horizontal twists included. The competitors are judged based on their take-off, execution and landing. 

Ski Cross

Making its Olympic debut at the 2010 Vancouver Games, ski cross features four skiers at a time racing on a downhill course, with the top two finishers each advancing to the next round. The course and its features are heavily inspired by motocross courses and includes obstacles such as jumps, banked turns and rollers.


Making its Olympic debut at the 2014 Sochi Games, slopestyle courses have a mix of jumps and rails that skiers must execute tricks on as they make their way downhill. Courses typically have a total of six features — three jumps and three rail sections.


Making its Olympic debut at the 2014 Sochi Games, halfpipe, also known as a superpipe, is a U-shaped course with 22-foot walls. Skiers traverse through the halfpipe, executing multiple tricks on both walls of the pipe.

Big Air

Making its Olympic debut at the 2022 Games, big air setup features just one single jump. On each run, skiers have one shot to land one of their biggest or most difficult tricks. In the final round, each rider must land two different tricks over the duration of the contest, as a best-two-of-three format is utilized.