How many handball teams go to the Olympics?

Twelve teams qualify for the men's and women's tournaments in Olympic handball. 

How do you qualify for Olympic handball?

France, who is the host country, will have automatic qualification for its men's and women's handball teams at the Paris Games. The rest of the teams earn qualification through the World Championships, Continental Championships and Olympic Qualification Tournaments. 

The teams that win gold at the World Championships secure their spot at the Games. In the  Continental Championships, four teams in each gender will qualify for the Olympics by winning their respective tournaments. After that, teams have one final chance to book their ticket to Paris through the Olympic Qualification Tournaments, which allows six teams per gender to qualify. The Olympic Qualification Tournaments are made up of three tournaments for men and three for women.

Which countries are qualified for handball at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The following nations have qualified for the Games this summer in the men's tournament: 

  • France
  • Denmark 
  • Argentina 
  • Egypt 
  • Sweden 
  • Japan

The following nations have qualified for the Games this summer in the women's tournament: 

  • France
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • South Korea 
  • Angola 
  • Brazil

The remaining six teams in each tournament will be decided at the Olympic Qualification Tournaments. The men's qualification tournaments will take place between March 14-17 with Spain, Slovenia, Bahrain, Brazil, Germany, Croatia, Algeria, Austria, Norway, Hungary, Portugal and Tunisia all competing for a spot at the Olympics. For the women's qualification tournaments, it will occur on April 11-14 as Sweden, Hungary, Cameroon, Japan, Netherlands, Czechia, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Montenegro, Slovenia and Paraguay look to qualify.