The NBC Olympics Podcast network is back for Tokyo — with some new additions!

The Podium returns for its second season, while In The Village, On Her Turf, and the TODAY Show make their Olympic debuts. Listeners can also binge My New Favorite Olympian and The Greatness, which can be found on the NBC Olympics Channel on Apple Podcasts. 

On this season of The Podium, host Lauren Shehadi returns to take listeners inside the stories and events that have defined the Olympics and those that will shape the Tokyo Olympics. There are currently ten pre-Games episodes, which can be found on Apple Podcasts, to get listeners ready for Tokyo and look back at the best moments in Olympic history.

Olympian Elizabeth Beisel will make her podcast debut as the host of In The Village, which will focus on the athlete experience inside the Olympic village and their journey to get there. Due to COVID-19 protocols, Beisel will not be physically in the village, but will speak with athletes currently there for their competition.