Canoeing at the 2024 Paris Olympics will air on NBC, USA Network, CNBC, and E!, and stream on Peacock and NBC Olympics platforms starting on Saturday, July 27.

  • Dates: July 27 - August 5
  • Medal events: Men's kayak single 1000m, women's kayak single 500m, men's and women's kayak double 500m, kayak four 500m, canoe double 500m, kayak slalom, canoe slalom, kayak cross, men's canoe single 1000m and women's canoe single 200m
  • Venue: Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium
  • TV channels: NBC, USA Network, CNBC, E!
  • Streaming: Peacock,,, NBC app, NBC Olympics app 

Visit for more information on watching the Paris Olympics, including links to download the NBC, NBC Olympics and Peacock apps. 

When does canoeing start and end at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Canoeing will start on Saturday, July 27 and conclude on Saturday, August 5. There will be live coverage of all canoeing events on the following dates:

  • Men's and women's kayak and canoe singles: Wednesday, August 7 to Saturday, August 10
  • Men's and women's kayak and canoe doubles: Tuesday, August 6 to Friday, August 9
  • Men's and women's kayak four: Tuesday, August 6 to Thursday, August 8
  • Men's and women's kayak and canoe slalom: Saturday, July 27 to Thursday, August 1
  • Men's and women's kayak cross: Friday, August 2 to Monday, August 5

How do I stream canoeing at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The complete canoeing schedule, including TV listings, is also available on the schedule page.

All live streams are also available to watch on mobile, tablet and connected TV devices via the Peacock, NBC and NBC Olympics apps.

Paris Olympics: Canoeing Live Streaming Schedule
(all times Eastern, subject to change)
Sat, 7/27
Slalom: Men's Canoe & Women's Kayak Heats Peacock,
Sun, 7/28
Slalom: Women's Kayak Semifinal Peacock,
Sun, 7/28
Slalom: Women's Kayak Final πŸ… Peacock,
Mon, 7/29
Slalom: Men's Canoe Semifinal Peacock,
Mon, 7/29
Slalom: Men's Canoe Final πŸ… Peacock,
Tues, 7/30
Slalom: Men's Kayak & Women's Canoe Heats  Peacock,
Weds, 7/31
Slalom: Women's Canoe Semifinal  Peacock,
Weds, 7/31
Slalom: Women's Canoe Final πŸ… Peacock,
Thurs, 8/1
Slalom: Men's Kayak Semifinal Peacock,
Thurs, 8/1
Slalom: Men's Kayak Final πŸ… Peacock,
Fri, 8/2
Men's & Women's Kayak Cross Time Trials πŸ… Peacock,
Sat, 8/3
Slalom: Kayak Cross Round 1 Peacock,
Sat, 8/3
Slalom: Kayak Cross Repechages Peacock,
Sun, 8/4
Slalom: Kayak Cross Heats Peacock,
Mon, 8/5
Slalom: Kayak Cross Finals πŸ… Peacock,
Tues, 8/6
Men's & Women's K-4, C-2, K-2 Sprint: Heats Peacock,
Tues, 8/6
Men's & Women's C-2, K-2 Sprint: QF Peacock,
Weds, 8/7
Men's & Women's K-1, C-1 Sprint: Heats Peacock,
Weds, 8/7
Men's & Women's Sprint: K-1 QF & more Peacock,
Thurs, 8/8
Men's & Women's K-4 Sprint & more πŸ… Peacock,
Thurs, 8/8
Men's C-2, Men's & Women's K-4 Sprint: Finals πŸ… Peacock,
Fri, 8/9
Men's & Women's C-2, K2 Sprint: SF Peacock,
Fri, 8/9
Men's & Women's K2, C-2 Sprint: Finals & more πŸ… Peacock,
Sat, 8/10
Men's & Women's K-1, C-1 Sprint: Semifinals Peacock,
Sat, 8/10
Men's & Women's K-1, C-1 Sprint: Finals πŸ… Peacock,

Every event at the 2024 Paris Olympics can be streamed LIVE by subscribing to Peacock. After subscribing and logging in, either go to in your web browser or download the Peacock app to your phone, tablet, or connected TV device and navigate to the Olympics section.

Users can also authenticate with their cable subscription, which allows them to watch live streams of every Olympic event on,, the NBC app or the NBC Olympics app. All streams can be viewed in your web browser or on your phone, tablet or connected TV device. 

How do I watch canoeing on TV at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Live and tape-delayed coverage of canoeing will be shown on the following TV channels: NBC, USA Network, CNBC, E!

The full TV listings for canoeing can be found on the schedule page by clicking the toggle at the top to β€œTV Only.”

How can I watch replays of canoeing at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

If you missed any of the live action, you can catch up by watching the full event replays on the replays hub. The stream links above will also take you directly to the full replay of each live stream.

What to know about canoeing at the 2024 Paris Olympics

Nevin Harrison represents the best U.S. hope for a medal in a sport recently dominated by Great Britain, Australia, Germany and other nations. Harrison enters Paris as the defending Olympic champion in the C-1 200m, but back injuries hampered most of her 2023. She finished fourth at that year's worlds. Cuba’s Yarisleidis Cirilo Duboys reigned supreme in the event and, after finishing just 12th in Tokyo, will contend with Harrison.

The canoeing slate will also feature a new event in Paris: kayak cross. In kayak cross, four athletes race against each other from a ramp above the water. They traverse a course featuring up to six downstream gates and two upstream gates in a thrilling showdown. This marks the first time at an Olympics that canoe slalom features an event in which athletes race against each other, not just the clock. Joe Clarke and Kimberley Woods, both of Great Britain, are reigning world champions in kayak cross. Clarke has won three straight world titles in the event.

How to find more information about canoeing at the 2024 Paris Olympics

Where is the canoeing facility in the Paris Olympics?

The canoeing events at the Olympics will be contested at the Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium, just outside of Paris. Opened in 2019, the venue was specifically built for the Olympics, and is home to the French federations for rowing and canoeing. 

The venue will also host rowing events during the Olympics, and after will give the region access to water-based leisure activities.