The International Gymnastics Federation held the draw for qualification round slots for all gymnastics disciplines at the Tokyo Olympics, including artistic, rhythmic and trampoline.

The draw determines the order in which nations compete in the qualification rounds, as well as when they have their podium training.

For women's artistic gymnastics, the United States is in Subdivision 3 (of five) and will start on floor exercise. The subdivision also includes Mixed Group 8 (Jamaica, Peru, Poland, Chile, Turkey), the Netherlands and Mixed Group 1 (Australia, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia) and will compete on July 25 in the qualification round.

Full women's artistic gymnastics qualification field:

  • Subdivision 1: Italy, Mixed Group 3 (Ukraine, Croatia, Chinese Taipei, Cuba, Azerbaijan), Japan, Mixed Group 6 (Argentina, India, Singapore, Cayman Islands, Czech Republic)
  • Subdivision 2: China, Great Britain, Mixed Group 7 (South Africa, Ireland, Austria, Sri Lanka), Russian Olympic Committee
  • Subdivision 3: Mixed Group 8 (Jamaica, Peru, Poland, Chile, Turkey), Netherlands, Mixed Group 1 (Australia, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia), United States
  • Subdivision 4: Canada, Mixed Group 4 (Israel, Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Malaysia), France, Spain
  • Subdivision 5: Mixed Group 5 (South Korea, Norway, Mexico, Hungary), Germany, Mixed Group 2 (Egypt, Brazil, Sweden, Belarus), Belgium

For men's artistic gymnastics, the U.S. is in Subdivision 3 (of three) and will start on the parallel bars. The subdivision also includes Germany, Chinese Taipei, Mixed Group 5 (Turkey, Italy, Philippines), Mixed Group 2 (France, Uzbekistan, Norway, Lithuania, Azerbaijan) and South Korea and will compete on July 24 in the qualification round.

Full men's artistic gymnastics qualification field:

  • Subdivision 1: Mixed Group 1 (Romania, Croatia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Belarus, Ireland), Ukraine, Russian Olympic Committee, China, Mixed Group 3 (Netherlands, Israel, Cyprus, Egypt), Spain
  • Subdivision 2: Switzerland, Brazil, Great Britain, Mixed Group 6 (Hong Kong, Mexico, Armenia, Canada, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Greece), Japan, Mixed Group 4 (Vietnam, Australia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Albania, Cuba)
  • Subdivision 3: Germany, Chinese Taipei, Mixed Group 5 (Turkey, Italy, Philippines), Mixed Group 2 (France, Uzbekistan, Norway, Lithuania, Azerbaijan), United States, South Korea

For trampoline, American Nicole Ahsinger is competing 13th in the women's qualification round on July 30. Aliaksei Shostak, competing for the U.S. on the men's side, is also competing 13th in qualification on July 31.

The two American individual rhythmic gymnasts -- Laura Zeng and Evita Griskenas -- will begin competition with the ball as the 10th and 12th competitors on Aug. 6. The U.S. rhythmic group will begin on five balls in the 10th spot for the qualification round on Aug. 7.

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