Every volleyball player knows to keep playing until the ball hits the floor. For Italy's Paolo Nicolai and Daniele Lupo, this meant even if it was out of bounds on the opponent's side. Friday's preliminary phase of the men's beach volleyball tournament was no exception.

Nicolai's determination and passion for beach volleyball was clear, as he did everything necessary to ensure his team won this point. Everything. Lupo's return pass went out of bounds on the opponent's side of the net. Instead of calling it quits, Nicolai gathered all his energy to keep the ball in motion. He sprinted under the net and bump set it back, while following the boundaries, to his partner.

Nicolai made it back just in time to build an impenetrable wall to block Poland's hit. Unfortunately for Poland, their solo defense went to the wrong side, leaving the rest of the court wide open.

Italy went on to later win the match 2-1 as they head into the final day of pool play.