Surfer John John Florence is ready to rip for his second Olympic appearance. The Hawaiian legend was eliminated in the Round of 16 at surfing’s debut in Tokyo, however, he entered those Olympics amid difficult circumstances and multiple injuries. With a terrific season thus far in the World Surf League, Florence looks poised to make a splash in his Olympic encore.

Before he hits the waves, learn some more about the Hawaiian surfing icon.

Athlete Bio

How old is John John Florence?

John John Florence is 31 years old and was born on October 18, 1992.

How tall is John John Florence?

John John Florence is 6-foot-1.

Where is John John Florence from?

John John Florence was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and grew up in a house by the ocean in Hale’iwa, Oahu. 

Does John John Florence have any siblings?

Yes, John John Florence is the oldest of three brothers. 

When did John John Florence start surfing?

John John Florence has been surfing for nearly his entire life. His mom, Alexandra, is a surfer herself and she introduced him to the sport. He first surfed at just six months old, with the help of his mother of course. 

Where did John John Florence start surfing?

John John Florence had a great practice facility right in his backyard, with the famed Banzai Pipeline resting at the beach right next to his childhood home. He spent his early years perfecting his skills in the surf break known for huge waves that form thick curls, allowing surfers to tube ride.

What type of rider is John John Florence?

John John Florence rides with a natural stance, meaning his left foot is placed toward the front of the board. 

What are some fun facts about John John Florence?

  • While he is named after his father, John Sr., his nickname of “John John” is after former U.S. president John F. Kennedy
  • John John Florence has appeared in multiple surfing-based full-length and short films

Career history

When did John John Florence start surfing competitively?

John John Florence began competitively surfing at a very young age. He had won five amateur awards and conquered several amateur events before reaching high school. 

When did John John Florence begin his professional surfing career?

John John Florence made his pro debut at just 13 years old when he became the youngest surfer ever to compete at the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, an event comprised of three big wave competitions in his home of Hawaii. Despite being an early exit in the tournament, he still turned heads by scoring higher than some pro surfers decades older than him. 

What are some events John John Florence has won?

He has had an incredibly successful career competing in the World Surf League. Florence has held multiple top-10 rankings in the league and was the back-to-back champion in 2016 and 2017. He also won the Vans World Cup of Surfing back in 2011 and 2013, making history as the youngest competitor to ever win the event. These are just the highlights, as his résumé is littered with victories. 

Has John John Florence competed at the Olympics before?

John John Florence is already an Olympian, as he was a member of Team USA for surfing’s Olympic debut three years ago at the Tokyo Games. He turned in a strong showing before ultimately getting knocked out in the third round by his U.S. teammate Kolohe Andino. 

How is John John Florence performing heading into the 2024 Olympics?

John John Florence is in prime form heading into the Paris Olympics. He is currently slotted as the No. 1 surfer in the world, sitting atop the World Surf League Rankings and trailed by fellow American Griffin Colapinto in second. He also was victorious in the Surf City El Salvador Pro (where Team USA surfer Caroline Marks won the women’s tournament) and has three other second-place finishes on his record this season. One of those runner-up finishes came at the Tahiti Pro, which was held in the same location as the Olympic surfing competition. It is safe to say Florence has his sights set on claiming the gold medal when he returns to Tahiti for the Olympics.

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