Judo returns for the 2024 Paris Games. Read on the learn about the types of equipment that will be used during the Olympic tournaments.

What outfit do athletes wear in Olympic judo?

Contestants wear judogis — also known as gis — made of strong material, usually heavy cotton. The judogi consists of two parts: the jacket and the trousers. The uniforms must also be worn with a belt. Female judokas wear a white t-shirt underneath their jacket, but male judokas are not permitted to wear undershirts beneath the jacket.

The sleeves of the jacket must be long enough to reach the wrist, and the trouser legs must extend to the ankle. Both the sleeves of the jacket and the legs of the trouser must be loose enough to allow the opponent to grab the judogi. (Grabbing the opponent's judogi is a legal move in judo.)

During a match, one competitor wears white, while their opponent wears blue. As the bracket progresses, the player on the top line always wears white.

Shoes and socks are not allowed; athletes compete barefoot.

At the end of a match, both competitors will adjust their judogis before the referee gives his indication of the winner. The two athletes will then bow to each other before leaving the mat.

Is there a video review system in Olympic judo?

There is a video and computer review system, called the CARE System, to assist the referees in difficult situations. It utilizes computers and two cameras filming each contest at different angles.