When to watch judo during the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

During the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, the mats will be packed with action as judokas square off from Saturday, July 27 to Saturday, August 3.

Two sessions will be held each day. Most days, the first session of the day will begin at 4:00 a.m. ET and run until 8:00 a.m. ET. Following a short break, athletes will return to the mats to decide who will stand atop the podium. Expect to watch live medal bouts, as well as additional semifinal and repechage action, between 10:00 a.m. ET and 1:00 p.m. ET.


The judo competition will take place within the host city, steps away from the Eiffel Tower, inside the Champ de Mars Arena. The temporary structure was set up on the Champ de Mars in 2021, for use as a venue for art, fashion and sports while Paris’ iconic Grand Palais undergoes renovations.

Rendering of the judo venue for the 2024 Paris Olympics
Paris 2024

Weight Classes

  • Men's 60kg
  • Men's 66kg
  • Men's 73kg
  • Men's 81kg
  • Men's 90kg
  • Men's 100kg
  • Men's 100+kg
  • Women's 48kg
  • Women's 52kg
  • Women's 57kg
  • Women's 63kg
  • Women's 70kg
  • Women's 78kg
  • Women's 78+kg
  • Mixed Team Event
Judo at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Event Time (ET)
July 27 Women's 48kg Eliminations
Men's 60kg Eliminations
Women's 48kg Repechage
Women's 48kg Semifinals
Men's 60kg Repechage
Men's 60kg Semifinals
Women's 48kg Bronze Medal Matches
Women's 48kg Final
Men's 60kg Bronze Medal Matches
Men's 60kg Final
July 28 Women's 52kg Eliminations
Men's 66kg Eliminations
Men's 66kg Repechage
Men's 66kg Semifinals
Women's 52kg Repechage
Women's 52kg Semifinals
Men's 66kg Bronze Medal Matches
Men's 66kg Final
Women's 52kg Bronze Medal Matches
Women's 52kg Final
July 29 Women's 57kg Eliminations
Men's 73kg Eliminations
Women's 57kg Repechage
Women's 57kg Semifinals
Men's 73kg Repechage
Men's 73kg Semifinals
Women's 57kg Bronze Medal Matches
Women's 57kg Final
Men's 73kg Bronze Medal Matches
Men's 73kg Final
July 30 Women's 63kg Eliminations
Men's 81kg Eliminations
Men's 81kg Repechage
Men's 81kg Semifinals
Women's 63kg Repechage
Women's 63kg Semifinals
Men's 81kg Bronze Medal Matches
Men's 81kg Final
Women's 63kg Bronze Medal Matches
Women's 63kg Final
July 31 Women's 70kg Eliminations
Men's 90kg Eliminations
Women's 70kg Repechage
Women's 70kg Semifinals
Men's 90kg Repechage
Men's 90kg Semifinals
Women's 70kg Bronze Medal Matches
Women's 70kg Final
Men's 90kg Bronze Medals Matches
Men's 90kg Final
August 1 Women's 78kg Eliminations
Men's 100kg Eliminations
Men's 100kg Repechage
Men's 100kg Semifinals
Women's 78kg Repechage
Women's 78kg Semifinals
Men's 100kg Bronze Medal Matches
Men's 100kg Final
Women's 78kg Bronze Medal Matches
Women's 78kg Final
August 2 Women's 78+kg Eliminations
Men's 100+kg Eliminations
Women's 78+kg Repechage
Women's 78+kg Semifinals
Men's 100+kg Repechage
Men's 100+kg Semifinals
Women's 78+kg Bronze Medal Matches
Women's 78+kg Final
Men's 100+kg Bronze Medal Matches
Men's 100+kg Final
August 3 Mixed Team Eliminations
Mixed Team Repechages
Mixed Team Semifinals
Mixed Team Bronze Medal Matches
Mixed Team Final

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