At age 28, Karsten Warholm has had a monstrous career. His long list of honors, not limited to repeated world records, an Olympic gold medal and multiple World Championships, as well as being the only 400m hurdler to ever complete the event in under 46 seconds, has cemented Warholm as an all-time great. Now, he looks to add to his legacy as he continues to dominate on the global stage.

Get to know more about Warholm as he prepares to defend his Olympic title in Paris.

Athlete Bio

How old is Karsten Warholm?

Karsten Warholm is 28 and was born on February 28, 1996.

How tall is Karsten Warholm?

Karsten Warholm is 6-foot-1.

Where is Karsten Warholm from?

Karsten Warholm was born in Ulsteinvik, Norway and currently lives in Oslo, Norway.


Who are Karsten Warholm’s parents?

Karsten Warholm’s parents are Mikal Warholm and Kristine Haddal. His father Mikal played soccer as a child, while his mother and manager Kristine was also into athletics.

What event does Karsten Warholm specialize in?

Karsten Warholm specializes in the 400m hurdles. While he originally started his career competing in multiple events (such as the ocathalon), Warholm made the decision to focus on the 400m hurdles leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Fun facts about Karsten Warholm

  • Karsten Warholm won his first medal at seven years old in a local street race in his town. A friend convinced him to compete, and despite wearing jeans, Warholm was the fastest competitor.
  • Karsten Warholm enjoys playing with Legos and has built both Hogwarts castle from Harry Potter and Old Trafford, Manchester United’s stadium
  • After choosing to focus on hurdles in 2015 when he was 19, the next year Warholm was representing Norway at the Rio Games