At 22 years old, Kate Douglass already has put together an illustrious career. She has won 15 NCAA titles at the University of Virginia, 14 world championship medals and won a bronze medal at her Olympic debut in Tokyo. She is also getting a masters degree in statistics and published an article using statistics to improve swimming form. Now, she is poised for a breakout performance in Paris across several events.

Get to know more about Kate Douglass as she gets ready for the Paris 2024 Olympic games.

Athlete Bio

How tall is Kate Douglass?

Kate Douglass is 5-foot-10. 

How old is Kate Douglass?

Kate Douglass is 22 years old and was born on November 17, 2001. She was 19 years old when she made her Olympic debut in Tokyo.

Where did Kate Douglass go to college? 

Kate Douglass went to the University of Virginia, where she majored in statistics. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she elected to stay and pursue a masters in statistics at UVA. In March of 2024 she published an article in The Mathematical Intelligencer titled Swimming in Data. She continues to train at UVA with coach Todd Desorbo.

When did Kate Douglass start competitive swimming?

Kate Douglass started swimming competitively when she was seven years old. She competed with the Westchester Aquatic Club until she was 15, and in high school she joined the team at Chelsea Piers in New York city. 


Who are Kate Douglass’s parents?

Kate Douglass’ parents are William and Allison Douglass and the ones who originally put her in sports as a child. Kate credits their support as being instrumental to her career as a swimmer. She also has a brother named Will and a sister named Abby.

Where did Kate Douglass grow up?

Kate Douglass grew up in Pelham, New York. A small town with a single high school, Pelham Memorial High School, that everyone attended. She enjoyed the close community in the town.

What are some fun facts about Kate Douglass?

  • Kate Douglass loves chocolate. When she was younger, her parents and coaches would bribe her with candy bars during swim competitions to achieve personal bests. Her go to snack to bake is chocolate chip cookies.
  • Kate Douglass is the only swimmer in her family. Instead, the rest of her family are soccer players and fans.
  • The three items on Kate Douglass’ bucket list include skydiving, meeting Taylor Swift and staying in an overwater bungalow
  • Kate Douglass has the same breakfast everyday: two scrambled eggs and a toasted bagel with butter. While she started only being able to cook buttered pasta, she now is able to cook salmon.