A lot has changed in Katie Ledecky's world since the Tokyo Olympics. The seven-time gold medalist moved across the country from California to Florida, changed coaches, and even wrote a memoir all while training for her fourth Olympic Games in Paris. Naturally, none of it has seemed to slow her down, as the 27-year-old looks to add to her legendary resume this summer.

Here's what Ledecky has been up to on her road to the Paris Olympics.

Will Katie Ledecky be in the 2024 Olympics?

Katie Ledecky is on track to qualify for her fourth Olympic Games this summer, and will be a gold medal favorite in multiple events when she gets there. However, her spot in Paris is not officially guaranteed until Ledecky competes at the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials in June, where she, along with all other American Olympic swimming hopefuls, will have to finish either first or second in any individual event she hopes to enter in Paris.

Barring something unforeseen, Ledecky will be a virtual lock to qualify in the women's 1500m freestyle, women's 800m freestyle and women's 400m freestyle. She will also likely swim the women's 200m freestyle in hopes of, at minimum, qualifying for a spot on the U.S. women's 4x200m freestyle relay (athletes who finish 3-6 in that event will be eligible to compete on the U.S. relay squad).

What races has Katie Ledecky won in 2024?

Katie Ledecky has competed at two international-level meets so far in 2024: the TYR Pro Swim Series Knoxville in January and the TYR Pro Swim Series San Antonio in April. She's won five of eight events she's entered across the two meets. Of the three races she failed to win, two were in events she rarely swims (the 100m freestyle and 400m IM) while the other was a runner-up finish in the 200m freestyle behind Tokyo silver medalist and 2024 world champion Siobhan Haughey of Hong Kong.

Ledecky also competed at the Southern Zone South Sectional Championships in Orlando in February, where she was beaten in the women's 800m freestyle by Canadian phenom Summer McIntosh. It was the first time Ledecky had lost an 800m race in 14 years. However, it bears remembering that swimmers often orient their training to be at their best for big meets in the summer, so results of early-season competitions can sometimes be misleading. 

What is Katie Ledecky’s workout routine?

Following the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, Katie Ledecky opted for a cross-country move, relocating her base of training from California (where she attended college at Stanford University) to Gainesville, Florida in order to train under University of Florida coach Anthony Nesty.

Her training regimen as she prepares for Trials and the Olympics involves 10 swim practices per week along with five gym workouts per week (three days of lifting weights and two days of "dry land" exercises for conditioning and strength training), she told Women's Health in March. In the pool, Ledecky frequently practices alongside male distance swimmers including two-time Olympic gold medalist Bobby Finke, who Nesty helped develop into one of the breakout stars of the Tokyo Games.

Apart from practice and exercise, Ledecky also prioritizes nutrition and sleep.


Is Katie Ledecky going to retire after the Paris Olympics?

Katie Ledecky has said definitively on multiple occasions that she does not plan to retire following the summer of 2024. In fact, Paris may not even be the final Olympics for Ledecky. She told NBC Olympics in April that she is intrigued by the prospect of competing on home soil at the Los Angeles 2028.

"The [2028] Olympics being in LA is very appealing. Not very many athletes get an opportunity to compete in a home Games," Ledecky said. "I definitely at this point am planning on going through 2028... whether I compete in one event, multiple events, a relay, whatever."