U.S. boxer Keyshawn Davis advanced to the men's lightweight (63kg) round of 16 with a unanimous decision win over the Netherlands' Enrico Lacruz on Sunday.

Davis, the runner-up in the 2019 World Championships, won all three rounds on all five judges' scorecards. One judge gave Davis 10-8 scores in the second and third rounds for a 30-25 score. 

Next up for Davis: 2016 silver medalist and 2017 world champion Sofiane Oumiha of France on Saturday.

Ginny Fuchs advanced in the women's flyweight division by winning the first round on all five scorecards and the second round on three of them against the ROC's Svetlana Soluianova. Needing only to avoid calamity in the third round, Fuchs still won the third round on the same three scorecards for a 3-2 decision. The third-place finisher in the 2018 World Championships will next fight on Thursday.