What would you label a group of athletes responsible for the majority of medals for the most decorated nation in the last two Olympics? Winners.

What about a group who has fought for over a century to go from 2% of Olympic athletes to 49%? Trailblazers.

And what if this same group was routinely cast as less capable, exciting, profitable and valuable than other athletes? 

We’re talking about the American women and women overall in the Olympics. For these incredible athletes, there's one label that fits better than most: Champions.

Hear our conversation with USWNT stars Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger on how sports and the Games are changing from their unique perspective as female Olympians, spouses of female athletes, activists and mothers. Also in this episode, Mary Carillo tells the story of how Wilma Rudolph’s resolve took her from childhood leg braces to Olympic track stardom and civil rights activism.

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