The International Olympic Committee has strict rules on flags, but it is unlikely to raise an eyebrow if Liu Shaolin waves a special banner at the Olympic Games.

The short track speed skater, who has a Hungarian mother and a Chinese father, competes for the European country but his heart is in both places.

"My mum stitched two flags together - the Hungarian flag and the Chinese flag," Liu, who won the Men's 5000m relay with his brother Shaoang at the 2018 Winter Olympics, said.

"That is why it is going to be so special if I win and I can wave it in Beijing ... I am 50/50. If I get any medal, 50% is for China and 50% is for Hungary."

Shaolin and Shaoang were already well known in Hungary, but after their 2018 title, they also became public figures in China, where they trained for long periods of time when they were young.

They, therefore, hope to receive some support from the locals.

"Hopefully, even if there are Chinese skaters, they will cheer for us the same way they'd be cheering for Chinese skaters," Shaoang said.

The Men's 5000m relay event starts on Feb. 11 with the final scheduled for Feb. 16.