The world's leading women's ski jumper, Marita Kramer of Austria, will miss the Winter Olympics after she was unable to recover from COVID-19 in time.

The Austrian, who initially delayed her departure last week after testing positive during a competition in Germany -- the last one before the Games -- said she would not be able to recover in time for her competition.

The 20-year-old Kramer was due to participate at her first Games with her competition starting later this week.

"No words, no feelings, just emptiness," she said on social media. "Is the world really this unfair? The last years I have prepared for the Olympics. I have put in so much energy and time in it to make my dreams come true."

"Now it feels that my dreams are gone within one day."

In contrast to many countries seeking to live with COVID-19, China has isolated itself with a zero-tolerance policy, cancelling nearly all international flights and adopting draconian health measures during the Olympics.

All participants need to deliver two negative tests prior to their departure, arrive on charter flights only to then be tested daily in the Chinese capital while also adhering to strict health regulations throughout their stay.