Adeline Gray was unable to win a medal at the Rio Olympics in 2016, but she's punched her ticket to Tokyo and is hoping to earn some hardware once the games get underway in Japan. The 30-year-old is a five-time world champion and most recently came away with a silver medal at the Pan American Wrestling Championships in 2020.

As part of our preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, NBC Olympics sent questionnaires to a wide range of athletes to learn more about their lives on and off the field of play.

Here’s some of what we found out about Adeline Gray:

Tell us about your family.

Husband: Damaris Sanders, captain in U.S. Army.

Mom: Donna Gray plays for the Colorado Peaches, an older lady softball team.

Dad: George Gray, Denver Police officer, runs boxing fundraisers for the PPA.

Where does your family come from?

Mom's family is originally from Italy, Dad's from Germany. We have been in Colorado for five generations now.

Parent influence on athletic career?

My dad was very active playing football, softball and competing in different events. My mom always helped me with my time management and went above and beyond so I could do more on the field of play.

Do you have another job?

Assistant travel coach at Wyoming Seminary in Kingston, PA. I train with the team and show them the level they could one day be at.

How has your hometown shaped who you are today?

Denver is a sports town. So many pro teams and the high schools love their sports and it is a fit state. My friends are always hiking, skiing or just going for a walk.

How much time do you train? How much do you sleep?

Seven to nine hours of sleep. Five hours of fitness. Two hours of recovery.

What's your favorite workout?


What's the most grueling workout you've ever done?

Grind match wrestling.

Earliest memory of wrestling?

I started wrestling when I was 6. I remember how fun it was running around playing at practice and my dad teaching me moves.

Close friends with any competitors?

I love the happy energy that the women from Japan bring to training and our friendships off the mat. Miwa and few others are my friends.

How do you unwind after a competition?

Vacation with my husband and friends. Playing cards with family and friends.

Do you have any pets?

My parents have a new puppy that is an Australian shepherd named Remy.

Do you collect anything?

Plane tickets and tickets from concerts.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can fold my tongue in half. I'm good a cards. I can do yoga.

What is on your bucket list?

Travel, slow down and enjoy that travel. Win an Olympic gold medal, have a family.

Most interesting teammate?

Tamyra Mensah-Stock. She has so much joy and changes each room she is in.