Mikaela Shiffrin is delivering as much inspiration from failure as the American skier does when she dominates the competition in near-peerless fashion.

Perhaps it's the forced newness that comes from the death of a parent, the fresh experience of falling short of big goals, or even all of the above with a loyal and inspiring fellow athlete by her side.

But Shiffrin's reflections on her pair of DNFs as well as Thursday's completed super-G -- she finished ninth, less than a second behind gold medalist Lara Gut-Behrami -- are bound to inspire most anyone who hears them.

Shiffrin, 26, tweeted a photo of her super-G run along with a short essay on what she's learned from her first three events at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Mikaela Shiffrin posts on fighting back

"The girl who failed... could also fly.

"It's wonderful to train and compete alongside all of these courageous and incredible women, who have overcome so much in their life, just to get here. But being here can really hurt too. There's a lot of disappointment and heartbreak going around the finish area, but there's also a lot of support. And most importantly, every day there are at least a few spectacular and inspirational performances that we all get to witness and admire. (Lara Gut, Mirjam Puchner, and Michelle Gisin!)

"It's a lot to digest in just one event... let alone the whole rollercoaster ride of an entire Olympics.

"Wellllll, guess I better hang on tight to the coaster cause we have plenty still to come. First DH training starts tomorrow. Sending my love to those who are feeling that striking hurt of defeat... only let it beat you down for a little bit, and then you stand up again and throw a few punches back.

"Special thank you to my little team within the team for their unfailing support through triumph and the tough times as well.

"Today was a good day, so I'm just gonna let it be that."