Athletes will test their skills in modern pentathlon from August 8 to August 11.

Where is modern pentathlon being held at the Paris Olympics?

Modern pentathlon events will take place at the Palace of Versailles, the iconic home to the court of Louis XIV. The first French site to be awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979, the gardens of the palace will be transformed for the Olympics. 

A temporary outdoor arena will be set up on the Etoile Royale esplanade, to the west of the Grand Canal. The arena will stage the men’s and women’s modern pentathlon, as well as most equestrian events.

How big is the arena?

The temporary outdoor Olympics arena will hold 15,000 or 40,000 spectators, depending on the event. 

How much will tickets cost?

Tickets for the modern pentathlon events at the Paris Olympics range from 24 to 180 Euros (approximately $26 to $196 USD) at face value.