Very few athletes can present the staggering list of accolades that Mondo Duplantis has collected throughout his young career. At just 24 years old, the Swedish pole vaulter is a world champion, Olympic champion and world record holder, all in just a few short years. He continues to push the possibilities of pole vaulting, taking the sport to new heights (literally) and bringing global exposure to an unprecedented level.

Get to know more about the record setter as he gears up to defend his Olympic title this summer in Paris.

Athlete Bio

How old is Mondo Duplantis?

Mondo Duplantis is 24 years old and was born on November 10, 1999.

How tall is Mondo Duplantis?

Mondo Duplantis is 5-foot-11. 

Where is Mondo Duplantis from?

Mondo Duplantis was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. While he has American and Swedish citizenship, he chose to represent his mother’s country Sweden in global athletics. 

Who are Mondo Duplantis’ parents?

Mondo Duplantis’ parents are Greg and Helena Duplantis. His father Greg is a former pole vaulter while his mother Helena is a former heptathlete and volleyball player. Mondo’s parents are very involved with his career: his father is his coach, while his mother works with him on his fitness and strength.


Who are Mondo Duplantis’ siblings?

Mondo Duplantis has three siblings, all of whom are athletes as well. His older brother Andreas represented Sweden in pole Vault, and his younger sister Johanna has also taken up the sport. His older brother Antoine plays professional baseball.

Where did Mondo Duplantis go to college?

Mondo Duplantis attended Louisiana State University, where he stayed one year before leaving to focus on his professional career.

Fun facts about Mondo Duplantis

  • The Duplantis family had a pole vault set up in their backyard, and Mondo’s first time trying the sport came when he was just 3 years old
  • Mondo Duplantis chose to represent Sweden due to the popularity of track and field in the country, comparing it to the way football and baseball are seen in the United States
  • Despite growing up in the United States, Mondo Duplantis has made a concerted effort to adopt Swedish culture. He practices the language often and drives a Swedish car (a Polestar), which have helped increase his popularity in the country.