There was almost a Mike Tyson situation during a heavyweight boxing bout between Youness Baalla of Morocco and David Nyika of New Zealand Tuesday morning.

During the third and final round of the match, Baalla engaged in a hold with Nyika and appeared to attempt a bite to Nyika's ear, reminiscent of when "Iron Mike" took a bite out of Evander Holyfield's ear in 1997.

The two boxers were immediately separated, as Nyika was clearly agitated.

Afterwards, Nyika was asked about the incident and responded he had been bitten before, "but c'mon man this is the Olympics."

Despite the attempted bite, the match resumed and concluded without any further commotion. Nyika won the bout and advanced to the men's heavyweight quarterfinal.

After the match, the boxing task force, which regulates boxing in the Olympics, disqualified Baalla for unsportsmanlike behavior.