There are three Nordic combined events: individual normal hill, individual large hill, and the team event. Only men compete in Nordic combined events, and it is the only Winter Olympic sport with this distinction.

Each of the Nordic combined events consist of a ski jumping competition followed by a cross-country skiing competition. Both of these events take place on the same day.

For the individual normal hill event, ski jumping takes place on the normal hill (K98) at the Alpensia Ski Jumping Center. For the individual large hill event, ski jumping is contested on the large hill (K125), also at the Alpensia Ski Jumping Center. Ski jumping is scored on length and style components, and then the scores are ranked in order to seed the athletes for the cross-country event. The cross-country skiing portion of both individual events has a 10 km race.

In the team event, four jumpers each take one jump from the large hill (K125) in the first session of competition. After each competitor has jumped and been scored based on length and style, the teams are seeded for the race competition. Each of the four team members races 5 km in a relay style. The relay exchanges must take place inside the exchange area.

In all three of the events, the gold medal is awarded to the racer (or relay teammate) who crosses the finish line first, followed by the second place finisher, and so on.