As the only event at the Winter Olympics that does not feature women, the first day of Nordic combined competition gets underway with the men’s individual normal hill/10km. In Nordic combined events, it requires athletes to master both skills from ski jumping and cross-country skiing. There are only three events in Nordic combined; individual normal hill/10km, individual large hill/10km and team large hill/4x5km.

Athletes will start the event by performing two ski jumps off the ramp, which will be scored based on distance and style. Depending on how well they execute their final jump, top performers will start first in the cross-country portion of the competition. Others will follow in a staggered fashion. Both of the events happen on the same day. The first skier to cross the finish line wins the whole event.

In the starting lineup is Germany’s double-threat Vinzenz Geiger. Geiger is the reigning champion from 2018 in the men’s team event. Currently ranked at number three in World Cup rankings for the 2021-2022 season, Geiger found success in his sport through living out his favorite saying “go hard or go home.” As a strong finisher in the cross-country section of the competition, he will have to focus more on obtaining a higher jump score if he wants the top spot on the podium. Geiger will be pushed by Austria’s Johannes Lamparter in the chase for gold.

Norway's favorite for gold will miss the men's individual normal hill/10km. Jarl Magnus Riiber tested positive for COVID-19 upon his arrival and remains in quarantine. He is hopefully that he will compete in the two large hill events on Feb. 15 and 17.

The men's individual normal hill/10km will take place on Feb. 9 at 2:00 a.m. ET.