Many athletes who earn the privilege of calling themselves Olympians will celebrate the occasion in the same way: by getting the Olympic rings tattooed somewhere on their body. It's a tradition that dates back several decades and has become so ubiquitous that it's practically considered a rite of passage.

For some athletes, those rings will be the first (and maybe only) tattoo they get. But for others, tattoos are just a part of who they are.

Several members of Team USA shared their body art with us. Some of these athletes have tattoos with deeply personal meanings, including those famous Olympic rings, while others are just addicted to the ink. Check it out below.

Caeleb Dressel, Swimming

"I have one big one on my arm. It pretty much represents me and my home state of Florida. I have a bear, eagle, and gator in the sleeve as well, which are all native to Florida, as well as some native flowers."

Caeleb Dressel shows off the tattoo sleeve on his arm
Caeleb Dressel
NBC Olympics

Nyjah Huston, Skateboard Street

"I was at Tampa Pro — it was this contest when I was 18 — and my buddy was going to get [a tattoo]. They were doing tattoos there and he was like, 'Dude, you've got to get one with me,' and I was like, 'Uh, I don't know, I don't really want tattoos.' I ended up getting 'Skate and Destroy,' your classic Thrasher Magazine saying and probably the most popular skate saying out there. And honestly, it just went from there. It slowly became an addiction. My mom wasn't that down for it at first, but she's gotten used to it now."

Nyjah Huston sits in a chair and shows off his tattoo sleeves
Nyjah Huston
NBC Olympics

Carlin Isles, Rugby

"I've got 'FOCUS' on my chest. When I was going into college, I put 'FOCUS' because I realized that no matter what life comes at you, you have to be focused. Because a lot of people lose their focus, and they start detouring a different way. And before they know, their dreams start to slip. I have a lion [underneath it]. I was really big on the Eye of the Tiger. You have to be tenacious, you've got to be hungry. You have to want it. That's something that I've always instilled into myself, and it's always a reminder to me."

Carlin Isles holds a rugby ball and shows off his chest tattoo
Carlin Isles
NBC Olympics

"I have a track spike with a crown [on my arm]. I have Jesus that says, basically, 'Don't dismay, God will be always with you.' I have a cross that says, 'Only the strong survive.' And then I have 'FAITH' because that's very important to me, and I have a 'J' with a heart, that's [for] my girl."

Carlin Isles jumps in the air while holding a rugby ball and shows his arm tattoos
Carlin Isles
NBC Olympics

Noah Lyles, Track

"I got 'ICON' tattooed over my torso because it reminds me what I want to be known as when I die."

Noah Lyles shows off a tattoo on his side that says "ICON"
Noah Lyles
NBC Olympics

Sam Mikulak, Gymnastics

"I have a Michigan tattoo [on the side of my chest] for winning NCAA team titles back-to-back years, and the Olympic rings [on my back] after I went in 2012."

Sam Mikulak shows the tattoos on his side and back
Sam Mikulak
NBC Olympics

Brady Ellison, Archery

"I have the Olympic rings on right arm; I have a cow skull and dream catcher on my back that symbolizes chasing dreams, where I came from, and archery; and I have one on my wrist for a lost coach to help me always keep pushing."

Brady Ellison shows off the tattoos on his arm
Brady Ellison
NBC Olympics

A'ja Wilson, Basketball

"My grandmother was my number one role model. Her name is Hattie Rakes, and I have her name on my wrist. She passed away in 2016, but she was someone that really helped me believe in myself."

A'ja Wilson balances a basketball and shows the tattoo on her wrist
A'ja Wilson
NBC Olympics

Johnny Hooper, Water Polo

"Two tattoos: my mom’s name in Japanese (got it in 2014), and an anchor on my right ankle which signifies staying grounded and living in the moment (from 2016)."

Johnny Hooper sits next to a water polo ball and shows off the tattoo on his side
Johnny Hooper
NBC Olympics

Perry Baker, Rugby

"I have a tattoo in the middle of my back that has a hand with a nail in it and blood coming out that reads: 'His pain your gain.' I have another tattoo on my right pec with the Olympic rings that says 'Rio 2016.' "

Perry Baker holds a rugby ball and shows off his chest tattoo
Perry Baker
NBC Olympics

Ryan Lochte, Swimming

Ryan Lochte flexes and shows the Olympic ring tattoo on his bicep
Ryan Lochte
NBC Olympics

Ryan Murphy, Swimming

Ryan Murphy shows off the tattoo on his back
Ryan Murphy
NBC Olympics

Chase Kalisz, Swimming

Chase Kalisz shows off the Olympic ring tattoo on his bicep
Chase Kalisz
NBC Olympics

Simone Biles, Gymnastics

Simone Biles with Olympic ring tattoo visible on forearm
Simone Biles