On Her Turf

Hosts M.J. Acosta-Ruiz and Lindsay Czarniak kick off the fourth episode of On Her Turf with Carissa Moore, who won the first ever gold medal in women's surfing. Moore shares what it means to her to be the first woman to win Olympic gold in the event and explains why it is so important that male and female surfers are awarded equal prize money for winning World Surf League competitions. 

Artistic swimmer Bill May and Nordic combined athlete Tara Geraghty-Moats discuss the three sports that do not have Olympic events for men and women. Artistic swimming and rhythmic gymnastics are only open to women while Nordic combined is the lone Winter Olympic sport that is not contested by women and men. May details the intense training required to succeed in artistic swimming, and Geraghty-Moats speaks on the perception that Nordic combined is too challenging for women. 

Acosta-Ruiz and Czarniak also talk about the debut of the women's 1500m freestyle event and the event's history. 

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