On Her Turf

Fresh off setting a world record and winning gold in the 400m hurdles, Sydney McLaughlin drops by On Her Turf to answer questions from hosts Lolo Jones and Lindsay Czarniak. The 21-year-old shares what she told her coach when she called him after her race, how she mentally prepared to race against teammate Dalilah Muhammad and her plans for celebrating her upcoming 22nd birthday.

Jones and Czarniak then welcome Seattle Storm head coach Noelle Quinn and former Notre Dame head coach Muffett McGraw to the podcast for a roundtable discussion on the lack of female coaches in women's sports. McGraw, who began coaching at the collegiate level in 1980, opens the conversation by explaining how Title IX resulted in more men taking over coaching roles in women's sports. Quinn gives her perspective on how the WNBA is working to develop more female coaches and the transition from being a player to leading a team as a coach. 

Together, the women discuss the pay gap between male and female coaches, the ways in which women can take on more leadership roles and the largest challenges they faced as women in a predominately male field. 

You can hear more from McLaughlin and the coaches' full conversation on Amazon Music or below: