Everyone has their own reasons for why they make time to watch the Olympics, whether it is the Opening Ceremony or the primetime broadcast. 

Like the fans, each of the 224 athletes representing the United States at the 2022 Winter Olympics also has their own journey to getting to the big stage — and the day is finally here.

The first podcast from The Podium at the Olympics features snippets from Chris Lillis, David Wise, Red Gerard, Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Alex Hall, Summer Britcher and Winter Vinecki

The athletes talk about their varied experiences like reflecting on previous Olympics, what they were thinking on the podium, how they spent the pandemic — and, in Gerard’s case, how he overslept the same day he won gold in snowboarding in PyeongChang.

From loss to levity, hear what the Olympics experience means to members of Team USA as the Games get under way.

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