When to watch powerlifting during the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games

Powerlifting events will be held from Wednesday, September 4 to Sunday, September 8 at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games.

Powerlifting is a bench press competition with only one sport class. Paralympians compete in different weight classes.

An attempted lift consists of the athlete raising the bar off the rack followed by the referee’s command to lower the bar to their chest. The athlete must pause at the bottom of the lift, then press the weight upwards until their arms are fully extended. At which point the referee will determine if the lift is complete and issue a command for the weight to be returned to the rack. 

Three judges then decide if the attempt was successful or unsuccessful. If required, an athlete has up to three attempts to complete a successful lift at a single weight.

To win is simple, lift the heaviest weight and you leave with gold.


The new, eco-inspired Porte de La Chapelle Arena will host powerlifting competitions during the 2024 Paris Paralympics.

Rendering of badminton and powerlifting venue Porte de La Chapelle Arena
A rendering of Porte de La Chapelle Arena, home of badminton and rhythmic gymnastics during the Paris Olympics.
Paris 2024
Powerlifting Events
Men's Women's
Up to 49kg
Up to 54kg
Up to 59kg
Up to 65kg
Up to 72kg
Up to 80kg
Up to 88kg
Up to 97kg
Up to 107kg
Up to 41kg
Up to 45kg
Up to 50kg
Up to 55kg
Up to 61kg
Up to 67kg
Up to 73kg
Up to 79kg
Up to 86kg

Competition Schedule

Powerlifting at the 2024 Paris Paralympics
Date Session Time (ET)
September 4 Session 1
Session 2
September 5 Session 1
Session 2
September 6 Session 1
Session 2
September 7 Session 1
Session 2
September 8 Session 1
Session 2