Apparatus exchange: When gymnasts in a group throw the apparatus to each other

Asymmetric movements: Movements of varied shape, amplitude and direction that must be performed with each apparatus

Axis throw: A throw where the hoop spins around its horizontal axis

Body: The wide end of a club

Boomerang throw: A move with the ribbon where a gymnast throws the cane end, then grabs the ribbon and pulls it, so as to bring the cane flying toward her

Cane: The thin stick to which nylon thread is tied to form the ribbon apparatus

Collaboration: The working together of members in a group, and a factor in scoring

Double stag: A position or leap where the back is kept straight while the legs are split and both knees are bent

Formation: The arrangement of gymnasts in a group routine; a minimum of six different formations is required

Head: A small ball at the tapered end of the club

Mills: When the clubs rotate alternatively in the same or different direction

Neck: The narrow end of a club

Retro roll: When the hoop is rolled, in any direction, such that it returns to the gymnast

Snake: When the ribbon's rippling movement resembles the slithering of a snake

Spiral: Small loops of ribbon