When to watch rhythmic gymnastics during the 2024 Paris Olympics

While gymnastics has a long history as the International Gymnastics Federation was founded in 1881, rhythmic gymnastics only developed more recently. The first rhythmic gymnastics world championships were held in Budapest in 1963 and the sport really began to take off 10 years later on the world stage when the U.S. participated in the 1973 World Championships. 

While rhythmic gymnastics is similar to gymnastics in many ways, there are also notable differences. Rhythmic gymnastics combines elements of traditional dance with gymnastics, while also utilizing four apparatus: ribbon, hoop, ball and clubs. Only women compete in rhythmic gymnastics and there are two events: all-around and group all-around. 

The sport made its debut on the Olympic program with an event only for individual competitors, but a group event was introduced 12 years later at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Russia has dominated the sport's history, winning 10 of 17 titles since rhythmic gymnastics joined the Olympic program.

The U.S. rhythmic gymnastics team did not qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and will look to return to Olympic competition in Paris.

Rhythmic gymnastics will take place at the 2024 Paris Olympics between August 8-10.


Rhythmic gymnastics will take place at the Porte de La Chapelle Arena. This new arena is designed to leave a lasting impact after the Games as it caters to the needs of local residents. This arena will also accommodate 8,000 people for basketball games and 9,000 people for concerts.

Porte de La Chapelle will sport an eco-friendly design as 80% of the building will be covered in greenery to blend in with its surroundings, giving the building a fresh look. The multi-purpose venue at Porte de la Chapelle will kickstart the redevelopment work across the capital's 18th arrondissement.

The modular design of the arena will be utilized during the Games as the venue is set to host two different sports one after the other during both the Olympics (badminton and rhythmic gymnastics) and Paralympics (para badminton and para powerlifting events). 

Badminton venue rendering at the Porte de la Chapelle Arena at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Badminton venue rendering at the Porte de la Chapelle Arena at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
Paris 2024
Rhythmic Gymnastics at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Event Time (ET)
August 8 Individual All-Around Qualification - Part 1 of 2
Individual All-Around Qualification - Part 2 of 2
August 9 Group All-Around Qualification
Individual All-Around Final
August 10 Group All-Around Final 8a-9:45a