At age 27, Simone Biles has reached unparalleled heights in her sport. She skyrocketed to fame in 2013 when she won the first of her six world all-around titles. Ever since, Biles' story has been about record-breaking moments and making history at every turn.

As she gears up for her third Olympic Games, get up to speed with what Biles has accomplished so far.

How many Olympic golds does Simone Biles have?

Simone Biles has seven Olympic medals, four of which are gold. Biles won all four of her gold medals (team, all-around, vault and floor) at the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

How many World Championships did Simone Biles win?

Simone Biles has won 30 world medals, 23 of which are gold. Below is a breakdown of her world championship winnings. 

Key: TF (Team Final), AA (All-Around), VT (Vault), UB (Uneven Bars), BB (Balance Beam), and FX (Floor Exercise) 

Simone Biles World Championship Medals
  Gold Silver Bronze
2013 AA, FX VT BB
2014 TF, AA, BB, FX VT  
2015 TF, AA, BB, FX   VT
2018 TF, AA, VT, FX UB BB
2019 TF, AA, VT, BB, FX    
2023 TF, AA, BB, FX VT  

Is Simone Biles the most decorated athlete in gymnastics?

When looking at world and Olympic medals combined, Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast in history — man or woman — with 37 medals. With just one medal of any color at the 2024 Paris Olympics, Biles will become the most decorated American gymnast in Olympic history, surpassing Shannon Miller who won seven medals between Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996. 

What records does Simone Biles hold?

Current Records

  • Most medals won at a world championship (30)
  • Tied with Japan's Uchimura Kohei for most all-around world titles (6) 
  • Most U.S. all-around national titles (8)
  • Only American gymnast to win a world medal on every event

Records To Be Broken 

  • If Simone Biles makes the Paris Olympic team, she will join Muriel Davis Grossfeld (1956, 1969 and 1964), Linda Metheny (1964, 1968 and 1972) and Dominique Dawes (1992, 1996 and 2000) as the only American gymnasts to make three Olympic teams. 
  • With just one medal of any color in Paris, Biles has an opportunity to surpass Shannon Miller as the most decorated American gymnast. Seven medals is the current record, which Biles shares with Miller.  
  • Biles can climb as high as second on the list of Olympic medal leaders in women’s gymnastics. Mathematically, she cannot catch the Soviet great Larisa Latynina, who won 18 medals across three Games (1956, 1960, 1964), but with five medals in Paris – which she is certainly capable of accomplishing – Biles can bring her Olympic medal haul to 12. Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia currently sits second with 11 medals. 
  • With five Olympic gold medals, Biles can tie Latynina for the all-time gold medal record (nine) for a female athlete in any sport. 
  • With five Olympic gold medals, Biles can break the record for the most gold medals won by an American athlete in any sport - currently held by swimmer Jenny Thompson (eight). Four gold medals for Biles in Paris would tie the record. 
  • Anton Heida currently holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals by an American gymnast (five), which Biles can surpass with two gold medals in Paris. 
  • Biles, age 27, can become the oldest women's all-around Olympic gold medalist since Maria Gorokhovskaya of the Soviet Union. 
  • With a medal of any color in Paris, Biles can become the oldest American female gymnast to win a medal at the Olympics since 1948. With just a single gold, she will become the oldest American female gymnast to ever win an Olympic gold medal, as well as the oldest female Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics since 1964. 

Who has defeated Simone Biles?

Few athletes have defeated Simone Biles during her senior career. The last time Biles lost an all-around competition was in 2013 when fellow American Kyla Ross topped her at a USA, Romania and Germany tri-meet.

Who was Simone Biles’ biggest competitor over the years?

Rebeca Andrade of Brazil is currently considered to be Simone Biles' biggest competitor. However, with Andrade suffering from several injuries (three ACL tears from 2015 to 2019) and Biles withdrawing from a large portion of the Tokyo Olympics and not returning to the international scene until 2023, the pair have not had many opportunities to face-off. 

The two went head-to-head at the 2023 World Championships, where Biles prevailed by more than 1.5 points over Andrade in the all-around final. Biles and Andrade dominated the competition, sharing four individual medal podiums together when all was said and done. Biles won gold on beam and floor, while Andrade won bronze and silver. In the vault final, it was Andrade who took the gold after Biles fell on her signature Yurchenko double pike. Biles finished with the silver medal. 

Over the years, a variety of gymnasts have landed on the medal podium next to Biles. Closing the gap on her margin of victory has remained the biggest challenge for Biles' competitors. 

When looking at worlds and the Olympics, Biles' largest margin of victory was over 2 points ahead of Tang Xijing of China at the 2019 World Championships and fellow American Aly Raisman at the 2016 Olympics. At the 2018 World Championships, Biles topped Japan's Murakami Mai by just over 1.5 points despite making several mistakes, including falling on vault and beam. Biles' smallest margin of victory on the world stage came at the 2014 World Championships, when she beat Romania's Larisa Iordache by a little over four tenths.