Qualification for Paris 2024 is well underway, but the stakes are about to ramp up in the months ahead. Read on to find out how street and park skateboarders can earn their spot at this year's Olympic Games.

How many skateboarders qualify for the Paris Olympics?

Each competition (men's street, women's street, men's park, women's park) will feature 22 skaters. In total, up to 88 skaters will qualify for the Paris Games, although that number could be lower if some athletes qualify to compete in both street and park.

How do skateboarders qualify for the Paris Olympics?

Qualification for the 2024 Olympics will be determined by the world skateboarding rankings maintained by the sport's governing body, World Skate. The qualification period, which includes two years worth of competitions, ends on June 23, 2024.

For each event, 20 athletes will qualify for the Olympics based on the world rankings. Each nation is limited to a maximum of three athletes per gender in each event. Each continent is guaranteed at least one athlete per event.

Additionally, France is guaranteed a spot in each event as the Olympics host nation, and one spot in each event is reserved for a universality invitation, which is given to an athlete from a country with a historically small Olympic delegation.

What events are left that affect the world rankings?

As of March 2024, there are three contests remaining for street skaters and two remaining for park skaters.

The World Skateboarding Tour street competition in Dubai will be the final event for Phase 1 of Olympic qualifying. Afterward, the top 44 skaters in each discipline will be invited to compete in Phase 2: a series of two qualifying competitions that will heavily influence the final rankings.

  • Mar. 3 – Mar. 10: World Skateboarding Tour, Dubai (Street)
  • May 14 – May 19: Olympic Qualifier Series, Shanghai (Park/Street)
  • June 18 – June 23: Olympic Qualifier Series, Budapest (Park/Street)