Team USA unveiled its Olympic skeleton team on January 15th, with the smallest delegation since the sport's re-introduction in 2002. The following sliders will appear at the 2022 Winter Olympics:


Katie Uhlaendar

Kelly Curtis


Andrew Blaser

There are only two events in Olympic skeleton: men's and women's races. 

A total of 50 quota spots (25 per gender) were initially available to athletes. A maximum of six athletes -- three per gender -- could be entered by a NOC.

The world rankings as of January 16, 2022 were used to award the quotas. Two countries in each gender qualified the maximum of three athletes, while six countries qualified two men, (four for women), seven countries qualified one quota in the men's event and 11 for the women's. If China, the host nation, does not qualify outright in an event, the highest ranked sled from the country will be awarded the last qualification spot.

An athlete must be ranked in the top 60 for men or top 45 for women to be eligible to compete in Beijing.