Perhaps the closest thing to human flight, ski jumping tests athletes' ability to glide through the air -- and land safely -- after launching off the end of a downhill ramp.

Ski jumping originated in Norway in the 19th century and has been included in the Winter Olympics every edition since 1924. A women's event has been included since 2014.

Two sizes of hill are used at the Winter Olympics. The "normal hill" measures between 85-109 meters, while the "large hill" measures 110-184 m. Athletes are scored not only by how far they jump, but how they look while doing so. Distance, style, inrun length and wind conditions all factor into the score of a jump.

Five events will be contested at the 2022 Winter Olympics: Men's individual normal hill, men's individual large hill, women's individual normal hill, men's team large hill and, for the first time at the Winter Olympics, mixed team normal hill.

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