There is no doubt that making the Olympics, and winning an Olympic medal, is a lifetime achievement. Athletes will spend entire careers working to reach that level, making sacrifices and committing everything they have to their sports. It's the same case for British skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown. It just so happens that her lifetime is just beginning.

Only 15 years old, Brown has a career that includes an Olympic medal, a world title, two X Games gold medals and several substantial injuries. However, there is nothing that can stand in her way as she looks to break barriers and make history in her sport.

Learn more about the teenage phenom here as she looks to win big in Paris.

Athlete bio

How old is Sky Brown?

Sky Brown was born on July 7, 2008 and will turn 16 years old before the start of the Paris Olympics.

Where was Sky Brown born?

Sky Brown was born in Miyazaki, Japan and speaks Japanese as her first language.

Where does Sky Brown live?

Sky Brown splits her time between her hometown of Miyazaki and her life in Southern California.

Why does Sky Brown compete for Great Britain?

Sky Brown competes for Team Great Britian due to her dual British and Japanese citizenship. She chose to represent Britain because the team had less pressure and encouraged her to have fun in competitions.

How old was Sky Brown when she started skateboarding?

Sky Brown started skateboarding when she was just 3 years old, and recalls a skateboard being her favorite toy as a child. When she was 4, her father posted a video of her skateboarding on YouTube which helped kick off her career.


Who are Sky Brown’s parents?

Sky Brown’s parents are Stuart and Mieko Brown. Her father, Stuart, is British and used to be an amateur skateboarder himself, while her mom Mieko is Japanese. Brown also has a younger brother named Ocean, who has also shown himself to be a promising skater on their YouTube account “Sky & Ocean.”

What sports does Sky Brown compete in?

Sky Brown is a professional skateboarder, but also has a career in surfing. She attempted to qualify for both sports for the Paris Games but did not make the mark in surfing, instead securing a spot as Great Britain’s first alternate. She plans to pursue both sports again at the LA 2028 Games.

What is Sky Brown’s inspiration?

Sky Brown hopes to inspire other young girls to pursue their dreams, particularly in the world of skateboarding, saying “I want them to see the girl power of this sport. I just really hope we'll inspire them and show them that you can do anything you put your mind to.”

What are some fun facts about Sky Brown?

  • On top of being an accomplished athlete, Sky Brown is also a talented artist. She has released her own song “Girl” and won Dancing with the Stars Junior in 2018.
  • Despite being young, Sky Brown has had her fair share of injuries. A scary fall in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympics left her with multiple skull fractures and a broken wrist and hand. She still made it back to compete in the Tokyo Games, taking home the bronze medal.
  • Sky Brown is a dual-sport athlete, and hopes to one day be able to compete in the Olympics in both skateboarding and surfing

I want them to see the girl power of this sport… I'm only going to be 16, and this is my second Olympics. I really did believe in myself, I worked hard, put my mind on it, and I made it.

Career highlights


How many Olympics has Sky Brown been to?

Sky Brown made her Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games, where she won the bronze medal in the women’s park skateboarding event. She was just 13 years old at the time, making her Great Britain’s youngest-ever summer Olympian and youngest ever Olympic medalist. She credits the Olympics with the growth of the sport, saying that “we really showed a cool side of skateboarding…and I think people really enjoyed it.”

What medals has Sky Brown won?

Sky Brown has several medals to add to her Olympic bronze. In 2019 she won the bronze medal at the world championships before returning to claim the world title and gold medal in 2023. She also has two X Games gold medals.

Since the Olympics, [skateboarding] just grew so much…we really showed a cool side of skateboarding and really showed the culture and how beautiful it was, and I think people really enjoyed it.


What records has Sky Brown broken?

Sky Brown broke several records as a young skateboarder. She holds the record for Team Great Britain as both their youngest-ever summer Olympian and youngest-ever Olympic medalist, and in 2023 became the first skater from Great Britain to win a skateboarding world championship.

What awards has Sky Brown won?

Sky Brown won the BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year award in 2021. She also won the Laureus World Comeback of the Year award in 2022 after returning from a life-threatening fall to win bronze at the Tokyo Olympics.

The road to Paris


Will Sky Brown compete at the 2024 Olympics?

Sky Brown has qualified for the Paris Olympics, her second straight Games, and the 15 year old will be a gold medal favorite in the women’s park event.

Is Sky Brown injured?

Sky Brown was diagnosed with a fully torn MCL in April after being injured while filming a video part. She has since rehabbed her injury and returned to competition at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest.


How has Sky Brown done in 2024?

Sky Brown returned to competition at the Olympic Qualifier Series in Budapest in late June and finished the contest in second place to help secure her spot in Paris.

Every injury I've had, I've come back this is just my time to really think about what I want to do next. It really puts a fire in my heart, and yeah, it happens, it is part of life.


Where does Sky Brown train?

Sky Brown has been rehabbing her injury at her home in Southern California the past few months. She has been focused on getting stronger, with a renewed emphasis on weight training. She also incorporates a lot of cross-training into her days, including both tennis and dance exercises to increase mobility.