Some may already be familiar with the names of some of gymnastics' brightest stars, but there's also music some might recognize when those athletes take to the floor at the 2024 Paris Games. 

For those who have ever watched gymnastics and tried to place the floor music – worry not.

Here’s some popular songs and artists a few of the world's top gymnasts might be showcasing in Paris. 

Simone Biles (United States) - Taylor Swift, Beyoncé

At the 2024 Core Hydration Classic, Simone Biles debuted the floor routine that she plans to compete in Paris. Biles' routine will catch peoples' attention right away with Taylor Swift’s '...Ready For It?' and conclude with 'Delresto (Echoes)' by Travis Scott ft. Beyoncé.

Biles' routine was choreographed by French dancer Gregory Milan, who Biles met through her training partner and Tokyo Olympian Melanie de Jesus dos Santos of France (who trains in Texas). Milan, renowned for his work with the French national team, adds an exquisite flair to Biles' performance, perfectly setting the stage for her anticipated appearance at the Paris Games.

“Everybody kind of wanted something different – choreographer, as well as music,” Biles said of her new routine. “I actually hate learning a new floor routine, that’s the worst part for me. So, I just kind of let everybody pick whatever they wanted. Actually, my agent suggested Taylor Swift (and) then I found this Beyoncé song that I really liked and we kind of collabed it together … I do love Taylor Swift and I do love Beyoncé …. Those are my girls!"

Jordan Chiles (United States) - Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child

Calling all Queen B fans! 

Jordan Chiles’ 2024 floor routine is an epic Beyoncé mashup, which she performed on both days of competition at the 2024 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships donning a leotard inspired by two of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour looks.

The routine starts with ‘Black Parade’ before transitioning into ‘My House,’ followed by ‘Energy,’ and ‘End of Time.’ The routine finishes by going back to Beyoncé’s roots with Destiny Child’s ‘Lose My Breath.’ 

This year, Chiles is also embracing the motto “I’m That Girl,” which of course is the title of yet another Beyoncé song. 

“You know me, I’m a Beyoncé fan. I watched Renaissance, I went to the show, I did all of those things,” Chiles told NBC Olympics in April. “Watching her documentary made me realize a lot, so I can give her her flowers for sure.” 

Jade Carey (United States) - The White Stripes

Traditionally, Jade Carey’s routines have favored a more sirene tempo. However, in 2024, the Tokyo Olympic floor champion is switching things up, opting for a rock-inspired routine to the tune of The White Stripes' hit ‘Seven Nation Army.’ 

Carey even caps off her routine with a ‘Rock On’ hand gesture for her finishing pose. 

Hezly Rivera (United States) - Pentatonix

Hezly Rivera will bring the Christmas vibes to her first Olympics in Paris! 

Rivera's floor routine is set to the tune of Pentatonix's 'Carol of the Bells' which caught the attention of group member Scott Hoying during the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team Trials. 

Jade Barbosa (Brazil) - Britney Spears

The Brazilian gymnastics sensation Jade Barbosa debuted a new floor routine at the 2024 Antalya World Cup, where she not only won the gold medal, but had everybody talking with her Britney Spears routine. The Brazilian Confederation of Gymnastics described it as a “tribute to the pop icon of the 2000s.”

In Antalya, Barbosa lit up the floor to the beat of Spears' hit song, ‘...Baby One More Time,’ which is sure to keep everyone talking in Paris. 

Laura Casabuena (Spain) - Madonna

In Paris, watch for the elegant floor routine of Spain’s Laura Casabuena, who charismatically performs to Kris Bower’s cover of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl.’ 

Casabuena punched her ticket to Paris with the help of two bronze medals on the floor exercise during the 2024 FIG World Cup Series.  

Qiu Qiuyan (China) - Sub Urban and Bella Poarch

Qiu Qiuyan is poised to have great success in Paris on uneven bars and balance beam, but fans can also expect her to ignite the competition floor with the fiery energy of ‘Inferno’ by Sub Urban and Bella Poarch.