Since Rio

Many of the world's best climbers got straight to work training for Tokyo when sport climbing was approved as an Olympic sport in 2016. Meet the athletes most likely to ascend to gold.

Who's Qualified from Team USA

Team USA managed to qualify the maximum amount of climbers to Tokyo. Some of them were expected, while others certainly were not.


Sport climbing at the Tokyo Olympics combines three distinct climbing disciplines. Learn the rules of each of them here.

Competition Format

For its Olympic debut, sport climbing will feature a combined competition. See how the eventual medalists will be determined. 


There's much more to sport climbing than a wall and a rope. Learn about the many apparatuses climbers will have their hands (and feet) on at the Tokyo Olympics.


Tokyo has taken sport climbing, traditionally also known as indoor climbing, out into the elements. Learn about Aomi Urban Sports Park, located on the shores of the Tokyo bay.


Learn to speak like an expert climber with the terms in this glossary.