When to watch taekwondo during the 2024 Paris Olympics

Men and women will each compete across four weight classes at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Competition starts on Wednesday, August 7 and will run through Saturday, August 10, with medals being awarded during the final session each day.

Taekwondo Weight Classes
Men's Categories
58kg (Flyweight)
68kg (Featherweight)
80kg (Welterweight)
80+kg (Heavyweight)
Women's Categories
49kg (Flyweight)
57kg (Featherweight)
67kg (Welterweight)
67+kg (Heavyweight)


With a brand new roof, the Grand Palais — one of Paris's architectural wonders — will serve as the home for taekwondo during the Olympic Games. Piece by piece the roof of the Grand Palais was replaced with modern materials, allowing the Nave to retain its view of the sky, and light to pour into the room where the taekwondo athletes will spar for gold, silver and bronze.

Rendering of the Grand Palais for the 2024 Paris Olympics
Paris 2024
Taekwondo at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Date Event Time (ET)
August 7 Women's 49kg Qualification
Men's 58kg Qualification
Women's 49kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Men's 58kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Women's 49kg Repechages
Men's 58kg Repechages
Women's 49kg Bronze Medal Bout
Men's 58kg Bronze Medal Bout
Women's 49kg Gold Medal Bout
Men's 58kg Gold Medal Bout
August 8 Men's 68kg Qualification
Women's 57kg Qualification
Men's 68kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Women's 57kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Men's 68kg Repechages
Women's 57kg Repechages
Men's 68kg Bronze Medal Bout
Women's 57kg Bronze Medal Bout
Men's 68kg Gold Medal Bout
Women's 57kg Gold Medal Bout
August 9 Women's 67kg Qualification
Men's 80kg Qualification
Women's 67kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Men's 80kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Women's 67kg Repechages
Men's 80kg Repechages
Women's 67kg Bronze Medal Bout
Men's 80kg Bronze Medal Bout
Women's 67kg Gold Medal Bout
Men's 80kg Gold Medal Bout
August 10 Men's 80+kg Qualification
Women's 67+kg Qualification
Men's 80+kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Women's 67+kg Quarterfinals & Semifinals
Men's 80+kg Repechages
Women's 67+kg Repechages
Men's 80+kg Bronze Medal Bout
Women's 67+kg Bronze Medal Bout
Men's 80+kg Gold Medal Bout
Women's 67+kg Gold Medal Bout

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