Canada 7, Team USA 2 (Session 9)

Steals in three straight ends helped Canada to a 7-2 win over Team USA Saturday morning.

The two teams traded single-point ends through four.

In the fifth, Canada sat two points in the inside and placed a perfect guard, meaning Team USA’s Vicky Persinger would have to go between two guards and get a takeout for points for her team.

Persinger’s shot made it past the guard, but didn’t have quite enough on it for a takeout, and a measurement proved Canada was able to steal a point and take their first lead of the game, 3-2.

Canada stole another point in the sixth and three more after Persinger missed a takeout attempt. Team USA conceded the game at the end of seven.

The U.S. (3-3) will return to play at 8:05 p.m. ET Saturday against Czech Republic. Canada (4-2) will take a session off and play against at 1:05 p.m. ET Sunday against Czech Republic.



Early Saturday: USA 7, China 5 (Session 8)

In the first game of play Saturday, Team USA picked up their third win of the 2022 Winter Olympics with a 7-5 victory over China.

Leading by two in the eighth end, the U.S. lied two in the house, forcing China to concede to their final rock and give Team USA the victory.

The American duo of Vicky Persinger and Chris Plys took advantage of having first hammer by scoring two points in the opening end.

China had a chance to tie or take the lead in the second, but missed a tap-in on the hammer throw, forcing the team to settle for just a single point.

A perfect throw by Fan Suyuan helped China get a double takeout to score two and knot the score at 3-3 at the halfway point.

But the U.S. got three right back in the fifth. Plys set up the score with a double takeout on the third stone, followed by another takeout and stick on the button. Fan’s throw on the final stone for China hit the guard, setting up an easy shot into the 4-foot ring for Persinger that put Team USA up 6-3.

Trailing by one in the seventh, China again made a mistake by hitting the guard on a draw shot. The miscue set up a possible three point end by Team USA, but Persinger was unable to connect on a double, and the U.S. settled for just one heading into the final end.